Odor Removal


At some point, odors cannot be ignored. Whether the lingering smell is from pet accidents, cooking, cannabis, skunk spray, decay, or smoke, Rainbow International Restoration in Hickory Hills is here to help. We will help identify the cause of the odor as the source needs to be addressed to prevent the odor from returning. Our IICRC odor removal professionals will develop a plan of action to deodorize the home. It's important that you do not mask odors but remove them. 

Whether you are a realtor, property manager, business owner, or homeowner, Rainbow International Restoration can assist you in removing unwanted odors.

When it comes to tackling tough odor, we incorporate ozone generators as part of the restoration process. Ozone is a powerful oxidizing gas that is used to remove odors from clothing, furniture, and building materials. When ozone comes in contact with organic compounds, its extra atom of oxygen destroys the contaminant through oxidation. It then decomposes to oxygen after being used. Ozone neutralizes virtually all organic odors, including those that contain carbon (ex. smoke odor, cooking odors & odors from decay).

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