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Commercial Fire & Smoke Damage Restoration

Since 2007, we have been helping business owners, risk managers, and property management professionals restore their commercial properties throughout Chicago after they have suffered a fire loss. Each day that a business is closed affects your bottom line. Our fire division seeks to minimize the financial impact that fire and smoke damage has caused by helping you to get your business back up and running as quickly as possible. 

Fire manifests itself in a variety of ways, and each type of damage requires slightly different techniques for cleaning it appropriately. Fires are categorized in 3 primary ways: protein, natural, and synthetic. Each produces unique smoke and soot damage. Rainbow International Restoration has the knowledge and experience to determine what cleaning and deodorization applications are best suited to restore your building. We guarantee that your building will be odor-free upon completion. 

As soon as we receive the call, our certified team is dispatched to assess the aftermath. Each commercial fire is unique and creates its own set of challenges. Even though the loss may have originated from a fire and the building is structurally sound, soot and smoke damage can linger while wreaking havoc throughout the structure.  In some cases, the building may not be structurally sound so safety is a concern. Water mitigation may also be required as fire damage is often accompanied by water damage that was left behind by the fire department. No matter the situation, the safety of the building occupants is our first priority. 

Rainbow offers comprehensive loss documentation on fire and water losses with 3D technology. During our assessment, we will document the damage in 3D technology by taking a scan of the environment which will be shared with you. 3D documentation allows us to capture any loss in its entirety, including its exact dimensions. Not only does this serve the purpose of thoroughly documenting the condition of the structure, but it also captures the condition of the contents.

We will determine if there is a need for any temporary security measures such as boarding up or tarping over any openings, fencing, and etc. We will also isolate affected electrical lines and install temporary power if there is a need.

After the property has been inspected, our service professionals will take the necessary precautions to stabilize the building by performing water extraction, dehumidification, cleaning up fallen debris, exhaust smoke odors, and etc. A project manager will also inquire about the important items that you want to be addressed immediately; IT, contents, and etc. 

Once we have discussed our plan of action with you and we have been given approval, mitigation can begin. All of our restoration efforts are documented throughout the process to protect you. If your damage warrants filing an insurance claim, we will work hand in hand with the adjuster and provide them with the appropriate documentation. 

Contact our fire damage restoration professionals in Hickory Hills at (800) 262-0244. 





Fire Damage Restoration, Smoke Odor Removal, Chicago, Home Residential Fire & Smoke Damage Restoration

There are many things to consider after a fire occurs. What is going to happen with my belongings? Will the smoke odor be removed from my home? How long will it take before I can return to my home? Rainbow International Restoration has assisted many Chicago homeowners by cleaning up their fire and smoke damage over the years. We have since developed economical and comprehensive solutions to restore your property and your belongings. Our service professionals will educate you, communicate what to expect, and walk you through the entire process. 

Rainbow's service professionals are IICRC certified and trained to address fire damage and smoke odor as opposed to choosing a general contractor to address your fire mitigation. When a fire occurs, building materials heat up causing their pores to expand. Smoke particles become trapped in the pores of building materials and as the building begins to cool, the pores then contract holding in the smoke odor. If the property is not properly restored before the build back, the smoke odor will reappear. Especially on warm summer days that cause pores in the building materials to expand.

Smoke damage repair is best performed by trained professionals that know how to properly implement ozone and thermal fogging applications to eliminate smoke odor. Soot can etch surfaces, tarnish metals, yellow plastics, embed itself into upholstery, clothing, and carpet so it is important that you choose a restoration contractor that is experienced in cleaning soot and smoke damage.

In some cases, the steps taken to put out the blaze can cause more damage than the actual fire. This is why fire restoration is an elaborate and invasive process as it deals with heat, soot, smoke, and water damage. 

If your personal property is damaged, our contents division can pack out your contents and safely relocate your belongings to our secure facility to clean and store them while fire restoration takes place. 

Our fire damage service professionals are well versed in insurance claims. We can help you determine if your fire or smoke damage will exceed your insurance deductible. If your damage warrants filing an insurance claim, Rainbow's service professionals will work with your adjuster throughout the process and will provide your insurance carrier with our documentation.

The longer your personal property and building components sit unaddressed, the more damage they can encounter. Contact Rainbow at (800) 262-0244 to assess your home, your contents, and provide you with a scope of work.



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