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Commercial Water Damage Restoration and Flooding Cleanup in Chicago Commercial Water Damage Restoration

Business owners, risk managers, and property management professionals in Chicago turn to Rainbow International Restoration to help their commercial properties recover from water damage. Sprinklers can go off, toilets can overflow and frozen pipes can burst. No matter what the cause, the aftermath of a flooded building can be overwhelming.

Mass flooding can spread quickly throughout the building causing safety concerns as well as damaged building components. Those who manage or operate out of commercial properties need a reliable and ethical service company that they can rely on in times of emergency.

When a water loss occurs, we understand that businesses are interrupted, there is an inconvenience to the tenants, and safety is always a concern. Therefore, you require immediate response to keep your business open, your facility running at full speed, and your building occupants safe. 

Many companies have a few pieces of drying equipment and an in-house maintenance staff to clean up minor water losses. For projects outside the scope of work that they are capable of handling, turn to the certified restoration professionals at Rainbow. 

Rainbow's service professionals will quickly respond to assess the situation, perform water extraction, and stabilize the environment while the source is being addressed. We will document the damage with 3D technology by taking a scan of the environment. This virtual documentation will then be shared with you. 

Once the scope of work has been approved and the source has been fixed, we can begin drying out the building and perform any necessary demolition. Our service professionals meticulously document our efforts throughout the project to help protect the stakeholder's liability. Team members will maintain communication so that our point of contact is made aware of the next steps and we will also provide the turnaround time for project completion. Whether sprinklers have gone off and affected a few rooms or large loss mobilization is needed to clean up the entire building after a broken water main, each project is treated as a priority. 

Rainbow's team consists of certified master restorers that have been helping restore commercial properties throughout Chicagoland since 2007. Not only have we restored buildings within our community, but we have also deployed to the East Coast to assist in restoring commercial properties that have suffered hurricane damage. Our service professionals have the capacity to coordinate all sizes of large loss projects. No matter the size of the project, all parties involved receive personalized attention from our Rainbow team.

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Residential Water Damage Restoration

Homeowners that experience a sump pump overflow, sewer line back up, or a broken appliance supply line turn to the restoration professionals in Hickory Hills to help them mitigate their water damage. Water is pervasive and can quickly spread affecting both the structure and personal items.

Carpet can become saturated, flooring can warp and drywall can begin to crumble. Response time is critical to help prevent additional damages. If moisture is not quickly addressed, the relative humidity within the home will cause secondary damage to other building materials and contents that were not previously affected. 

It is not recommended that you clean up water damage yourself as it can lead to bigger issues down the road, such as mold. Water can seep behind baseboards, under flooring, wick up walls, and infiltrate the sill plate causing "hidden damage." Rainbow International Restoration has a variety of moisture meters and uses thermal cameras to detect hidden damage that is often overlooked.

Before performing water damage restoration, one must understand the science of drying, psychometry, to ensure that things are properly dried out. This is why it is so important that you turn to a certified restoration professional who understands restoration and abides by a standard of care.

Our water damage service professionals are well versed in insurance claims. We can help you determine the source of your water loss and if your damage will exceed your insurance deductible. This information is necessary in order to file an insurance claim.

A project manager will put together a scope of work for your loss and work with your insurance adjuster to develop an agreed-upon scope. Once we have your approval, we will get to work by inventorying and removing any personal property that has been affected, extract any remaining water, perform demolition (if needed), and set up drying equipment. We will communicate how long the estimated dry time is and we will coordinate monitoring times with you for each day that we will need to revisit the property. 

Photos, detailed notes, and drying logs are documented as supporting evidence. These items will be given to your adjuster at the end of your project. 

We understand that not all restoration projects warrant an insurance claim or they may not be covered by insurance. Rainbow offers our customers added value by providing financing options for these self-pay scenarios. 


Water Mitigation Services

If your commercial or residential property has taken on water damage, you need professional help and you need it fast. No two water losses are the same as each creates its own unique set of challenges. Rainbow International Restoration has a vast amount of experience in mitigating all types of water losses over the years. We will quickly respond to your emergency and implement our strategic process to restore your property after a water loss.

If the humidity within the building is not controlled, undamaged objects that were safe from the original flood damage could be ruined as a result of absorbing moisture from the air. Structures that are not dried out quickly enough or dried out properly can lead to even bigger issues.

There are four classes of water that identify the amount of water and the anticipated rate of evaporation based on the amount and type of wet materials in your building. There are three categories of water that identify the state of water that is affecting the damaged materials. A water loss from a burst pipe is addressed differently than flood damage. Because there is a science to drying out a structure, it is best to leave water damage cleanup up to water damage restoration professionals.

Our flood damage restoration technicians are trained in current procedures, such as Rapid Structural Drying, to dry the structure in place as quickly as possible while utilizing state-of-the-art equipment and technology.

In some cases, we can even save water-damaged hardwood flooring and water-damaged drywall with our injectridy system.

Moisture meters and thermal cameras are used to locate moisture that is hidden behind walls or cabinets. It may appear that there is no moisture present, but our state-of-the-art restoration equipment can identify what is not visible to the naked eye.

We only use top-of-the-line air movers to circulate air, dehumidifiers to remove moisture from the air, and extractors to remove standing water. Having the best tools available allows us to dry out your structure quickly and efficiently. 

If water damage is detected, immediately contact Rainbow's water damage professionals at (800) 262-0244. 



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