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Sanitizing and Cleaning Services

A Photograph of a Person in a HazMat Suit Cleaning Exterior Door Handles on a Building We continue to follow the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) for updates on their response to the Coronavirus that results in an infection that is termed COVID-19.

As the COVID-19 virus continues to spread nationwide, many workplaces, commercial, and multifamily properties in Chicago are being treated with an EPA-registered disinfectant that is effective against the Human Coronavirus. Rainbow International Restoration's service professionals promise to provide the highest level of service in your time of need.

Having a trusted professional on your side that understands how to apply an EPA-registered disinfectant in accordance with its label is crucial. Project documentation is also important to confirm that activities are completed correctly. This includes the personal protective equipment used (PPE), equipment used for the chemical application, the rate at which the disinfectant has been applied, and evidence of appropriate dwell time. Worker and occupant safety is our number one priority and it should be yours too!

Our capacity and ability to quickly coordinate cleaning projects are just some of the many things that set us apart from other contractors. Rainbow has multiple crews available to complete cleaning projects that entail large square footage.

Check out some of our commercial and multifamily cleaning projects!


If you would like more information on our commercial cleaning services, call us at (800) 262-0244. 


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