Pet Odor Removal Experts

Pets are members of the family and the odors they bring into your household don’t trump the love. That is why most pet owners accept that the smell is part of the job. However, learning to manage pet odors makes for a happier home. Pet odor removal is a particularly cumbersome task, because once set, the smell can permanently damage the floor, carpet and furniture.

What is it about pet odor?

Why is pet odor removal so difficult? Primarily, it is the chemical makeup that causes the odor. Urine, for example, is rich in nitrogen and can have a strong ammonia smell. Other waste products contain foul smelling bacteria. When you combine these strong odors with improper clean up, you are stuck with a smell that won’t go away.

When accidents happen, the liquid doesn’t just sit on the surface. It seeps down into the fibrous material. That is where odor lives, and can be the most difficult place to reach. Homeowners get used to the smell and fail to realize it remains after they clean up.

Which pet accidents cause damage?

Some pet problems will actually ruin the carpet unless treated properly.

  • Urine – Urine is the worst offender because it not only produces a lingering smell but can also actually damage the dyes and fibers in the rug.
  • Vomit – Stomach acid has the potential to harm any type of surface, including carpets.
  • Fecal matter – Most damage from fecal matter comes due to improper cleanup. Rubbing the area embeds the waste into the carpet fibers and backing where is can cause permanent problems.

DIY vs. Professional Service

The majority of pet odor removal requires professional service. Over the counter products are stopgap measures at best. They claim to make the odor go away, however, what they actually do is cover it up. The combination of the fragrance and the family’s desensitization to the smell only works temporarily.

A professional service takes a more scientific approach to the problem. The goal is neutralization, not masking. Commercial removal products will counteract the smell instead of covering it up. They also provide a more thorough cleaning that includes carpet backing and the subfloor when necessary.

What is the answer to pet odors?

The first step is to determine why accidents happen. Every household has the occasional problem, but chronic accidents may be a symptom of a medical condition. Take your pet to the veterinarian for a full exam to rule out health issues. In most cases, retraining will help reduce recurrences. Once you have the situation under control, it is time to call in a professional to clean up.

Do your best to spot clean the area yourself first. Rubbing alcohol, watered-down ammonia and an enzyme detergent will help remove all odors, at least temporarily, but for extensive problems, you will need a carpet cleaning service like Rainbow International®. They offer the training and products for proper odor removal. It is also worth getting an expert evaluation to see if your carpet is salvageable. The cost of a professional cleaning is far less than full carpet replacement. A commercial service will also offer advice on ways to avoid future damage. Contact Rainbow International for the removal of pet odors and other types of smells. Their experts can manage almost any odor problem efficiently and thoroughly. For more information, use the convenient online service request form to touch base with a Rainbow International service in your area.