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What Is a Restoration Company and When Will You Need One?

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Originally Published September 5, 2023

Restoration companies handle property damage from events such as floods, fires, and mold growth. They help restore a property to its best possible state by cleaning and repairing any damage.

Disaster has struck! Whether it’s a flood, fire, earthquake, or hurricane, one of the first calls should be to a restoration company.

But what is a restoration company? A restoration company is a group of trained service professionals whose job is to restore residential and commercial property to its best possible condition.

Restoration companies can help with the following:

  • Water damage
  • Smoke and fire damage
  • Mold damage
  • Storm damage
  • Contents processing and cleaning
  • Emergency services
  • Board up and tarp over services
  • Trauma and biohazard cleanup
  • Odor removal
  • Disaster cleaning services

As a nationwide restoration provider, Rainbow Restoration® has helped property owners and businesses recover from damaging events since 1981. Restoration extends beyond repairing structural damage. It's about restoring a sense of security and normalcy to lives and communities.

Call (855) 724-6269 for emergency services or request an appointment online to speak with a professional today.

Continue reading to learn more about the complexities of residential and commercial property restoration and how selecting an experienced full-service restoration specialist can help expedite your recovery.

What Does a Restoration Company Do?

Restoration companies help with damage repair, cleanup, and more for both residential and commercial properties after damaging events like a flood, fire, and mold growth. The restoration process includes the following:

  • Assessment and inspection: The client walks the restoration professional through their property, and determines the services needed.
  • Emergency mitigation: Many restoration companies have 24/7 emergency services available for an immediate response.
  • Documentation: Restoration companies provide detailed documentation outlining damages to keep track of repairs.
  • Structural repairs: The restoration company will assess the structural integrity of the property and, once it’s safe, initiate repairs.
  • Contents restoration: Some restoration professionals will also help restore personal belongings such as documents, photos, and other valuables that have been damaged.
  • Final inspection: The client and restoration professional will walk through the property again to inspect and confirm repairs were done to their satisfaction.
  • Communication with stakeholders: A good, experienced restoration company will communicate continuously with the client and other stakeholders regarding all aspects of the restoration process.

Graphic listing services that restoration companies help with.

Residential vs. Commercial Restoration

While the principles of damage mitigation may be similar, the application varies significantly between residential and commercial restoration.

Residential restoration focuses on minimizing disruptions to daily lives and restoring the comfort of a home. Commercial restoration, on the other hand, is a more intricate, complex process involving multiple stakeholders. With a residential property, the occupants may be able to stay somewhere else while restoration takes place, but many commercial businesses cannot afford to cease operations entirely for the duration of a restoration project.

The scale of commercial damage can range from a single unit within a building to a multi-story complex or even an entire business district. The full-service commercial restoration process must be tailored to accommodate the specific needs of the business. An experienced commercial restoration professional understands these business complexities and how to navigate them.

Benefits of Working With an Experienced Restoration Company

There are many benefits to working with an experienced, professional restoration team. Perhaps the biggest benefit is the peace of mind of knowing that property damage will be handled properly and with care.

Other benefits include:

  • Expertise: Experienced restoration professionals can accurately assess damage, gather the necessary resources, and repair damaged property safely.
  • Prompt response: A restoration company that offers 24/7 services will be able to help with damage no matter when it occurs.
  • Prevents further damage: Damage mitigation is an important part of the services a restoration professional provides.
  • Efficient restoration process: Experienced restoration professionals understand the importance of getting the property back to its best possible condition as quickly as possible.
  • Reliable: Choosing a reputable restoration company decreases the risk of future damage, and expedites the recovery process, which helps save money over time.

How Do Restoration Companies Work With Insurance?

Insurance will cover damage to a residential or commercial property if the damage is explicitly covered under the insurance policy. The policyholder should call their insurance provider right after an event to start the claims process and request a list of recommended restoration companies if needed.

The insurance company will only cover services provided by licensed restoration companies.

An insurance provider may call the restoration company on behalf of the policyholder, but an individual can also arrange services with the restoration company themselves.

How To Choose a Restoration Company

From years of experience to the specific services a restoration company provides, there are many things to consider when choosing a reputable company to handle your recovery process. It’s best to do some research before choosing a restoration company to ensure they can meet the needs of a specific project. Here are some things to consider when choosing a restoration company:

  1. Experience: A restoration company should have experience dealing with a wide range of property restoration projects and be able to handle both small- and large-scale restorations.
  2. 24/7 availability: Emergencies can happen at any time. A restoration company that offers 24/7, 365-day-a-year services is essential for property owners and businesses that require an immediate response.
  3. Response time: A well-managed restoration company will respond promptly to inquiries from a client because they understand that restoration projects are often urgent and essential to the well-being of a household or business.
  4. Licensed and insured: A restoration company must be licensed and insured by the state to provide recovery services. Do not contract work from an unlicensed or uninsured restoration company, as any subsequent damage or mistakes will not be covered by insurance.
  5. Reputation: A reputable restoration company will have an established, good reputation with insurance agents, business owners, and property owners.

Why Choose Rainbow Restoration?

Rainbow Restoration provides 24/7, 365 days-a-year services from a team of experienced professionals who are focused and dedicated to restoring your property to its best possible condition. Rainbow Restoration’s all-encompassing restoration methodology covers water damage, fire and smoke damage, and mold remediation and removal. Choose Rainbow Restoration for a residential or commercial property restoration. Call (855) 724-6269 or request an appointment online for restoration services today.

FAQ Restoration Companies

What Is Restoration Work?

Restoration refers to restoring a property to its best possible condition. That means cleaning up and repairing any damage as well as mitigating the risk of future damage.

How Do Restoration Companies Work?

Restoration companies provide services to restore a property to its best possible condition. They will assess damage, handle tarping or boarding, contents, water extraction, cleaning, structural repair, and help with further damage prevention, among many other services.

When Is a Restoration Company Needed?

Restoration companies can be used after a damaging event, such as a fire or flood. They can also help deal with smaller property issues, such as leaks or mold, which can worsen over time if not addressed promptly.

Who Pays a Restoration Company?

In most instances, the property owner pays the restoration company and then submits for reimbursement from their insurance provider if applicable. This will vary depending on the specific project and insurance provider.

What Is a Restoration Contractor?

A restoration contractor, specialist, or service professional, works to restore property damage. They are hired by a client with a contract outlining the work required of them, which may include cleaning and repairing any damage, structural repairs, and content restoration.

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