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How to Tell if Drywall Is Water Damaged

If your home has water damage, the building material and contents will need to be evaluated by a professional who has experience with water damage. We recommend working with an established restoration company, like...Continue Reading

Sometimes water damage can occur without you even knowing it. And because water damage isn’t always obvious, it can cause considerable damage before it is detected. A slow leak may lurk inside the walls of your home before any damage is visible. So how do you fix a problem you can’t see?...Continue Reading

Hailstorms are when raindrops are swept into the colder parts of the atmosphere by thunderstorms. There they collect and freeze into various sized balls of ice that fall with high velocity and sudden ferocity from the sky.

Hail can be dangerous to humans, pets, and livestock and cause...Continue Reading

Dealing with a fire or water disaster in your home or business is stressful enough. But trying to separate myth from fact when dealing with fire and water damage can be even worse. Unfortunately, common myths about fire and water damage can lead you to make poor choices when deciding how to deal...Continue Reading

Did you know mold can cause your asthma or allergies to flare up? Eliminate the problem by using Rainbow Restoration’s tips on preventing mold.Continue Reading