Carpet Cleaning

Everyone loves a clean carpet. A bright, well-cared-for carpet enhances the style of your Texas home, and provides an inviting environment for family and friends. But sometimes keeping that carpet looking and feeling clean and soft requires some expert help – particularly if you have a number of people and pets in your home. Here in the Sugar Land, Katy, and Richmond area, locals rely on Rainbow Restoration to keep their carpets bright. That’s because our technicians perform an uncommonly thorough six-step carpet cleaning process.

Our Six-Step Carpet Cleaning Process

Not all carpet cleaning processes are alike, and some are more effective than others. Here at Rainbow Restoration of Sugar Land & Katy, our process follows the principles laid out by the IICRC – the gold standard for professional carpet cleaning and care. When you call on Rainbow, you can rely on our team to expertly perform every step needed to get carpets uncommonly clean:

  • Removal of dry soil. Our technicians begin the cleaning with a deep vacuuming, using agitation and high quality filters to remove a large percentage of the soil, grit, and other particles in your carpet.
  • Applying a preconditioning solution. Our solution is designed to loosen the soil in your carpet, separating it from your carpet’s fibers.
  • Agitation of the pre-conditioning solution. Agitation works our solution into your carpet, ensuring maximum contact between the solution and the fibers.
  • Soil removal with a hot water rinse. Many carpet cleaners apply a hot water rinse, and we do, too. That’s because a hot water rinse is a highly-effective method of extracting soil from carpets. Our powerful truck-mounted system effectively pulls away our cleaning solution as well as any particles left in your carpet.
  • Grooming.After our cleaning, Rainbow performs this extra step to help restore the pile of your carpet, to eliminate any matting, and to improve its overall appearance.
  • Drying. Proper drying is an essential step in the cleaning process. Damp carpets can create odors and attract soil. Our technicians will speed the process, helping your carpet to dry in as little as two hours.

Picture of a technician cleaning a carpet.

The Benefits of a Clean Carpet

We don’t have to tell you that a clean carpet can improve the look and feel of your home. But there are other benefits to carpet cleaning that are also important to consider:

Better Air Quality, Better Health

Even a carpet that looks tidy can contain some of the worst allergens, germs, and hazardous materials in your home. That’s because routine vacuuming is effective at removing surface dirt and debris, but leaves a lot of allergens, germs, and other particles behind. Simply put: the most powerful household vacuum can’t achieve a deep clean. An expert cleaning from Rainbow gets deep down into the fibers, removing potential hazards from your carpet and from the air you breathe every day.

Protect Your Investment

Soils, grit, and other substances in your carpet are not just unsightly: They can also eat away at the fibers in your expensive carpet, making your investment look old before its time. A deep carpet cleaning from Rainbow pulls damaging grit out of your carpet. By protecting the fibers in your carpet, we can help them to look full and feel soft for a few extra years.

Are you ready to love your carpet again? Rainbow Restoration of Sugar Land & Katy can turn back the clock – back to when you loved your brighter, softer carpet. So why not call us today? We’re proud to clean carpets in Sugar Land, Katy, Richmond, and the surrounding area.