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What Is an Ice Dam?

If you have ice dam damage, you need Rainbow Restoration. Learn how our technicians can help you recover and how to prevent ice dams in the future.
Sure, you understand that an ice dam can cause costly damage to both your gutters and roof. But what is an ice dam?

An ice dam is a ridge of ice that can form along the edge of a roof or on top of a home’s gutters during snowy and icy weather. As snow and ice melt and mix with new moisture, the ice compresses and builds in layers, becoming a dangerous dam blocking water from running off the roof.

What Damage Can an Ice Dam Do?

When ice dams form, they prevent the water from melting snow and ice from running normally off a roof and into the gutters. As water builds up, it can work its way under a home’s shingles or other roofing materials, eventually entering the home and causing damage. When water begins leaking from a roof into a home, it can cause unsightly and dangerous damage to a home’s ceiling or walls, causing structural degradation, electrical problems, and a breeding ground for dangerous mold to grow.

How to Prevent Ice Dams From Forming

There are a few different ways you can prevent ice dams from forming on your roof.

They include:

Roof Raking

Whenever you get a snowfall of six inches or more, a specialty rake can be used to remove the snow. This can be extremely dangerous, especially in wet, icy conditions so be sure you have the proper equipment and safety measures in place before beginning.

Professionally Snow Removal

Many different companies offer professional roof snow removal, so do your research and call reputable businesses. Snow removal after significant snowfall goes a long way to preventing ice dams from forming.

Improve Your Attic’s Insulation

A properly insulated attic helps prevent ice dams from forming by keeping pockets of warm air that would otherwise escape from your attic away from the snow. When warm attic air escapes it can melt snow, which refreezes as it pools at the edge of your roof. Have a professional inspect the insulation in your home and make recommendations on how to improve it to protect your roof.

Our Ice Dam Solutions

If your home has suffered water damage or mold from an ice dam, Rainbow Restoration® is here to help. Our IICRC-certified professionals understand the immediacy of remediation and reconstruction and can help you recover quickly. Remember, you should never attempt to remediate mold damage yourself; this potentially dangerous job should be left to the professionals. Trust our professional team to help you clear the ice dam, remediate water, and mold damage, and improve the ventilation of your home.

Choose Rainbow Restoration. Schedule an appointment online or contact the Rainbow Restoration location nearest you. Have a water damage, mold, or fire restoration emergency? Call us for 24/7 emergency service.

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