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What Is an Ice Storm?

When you think of winter storms, you likely think of waking up in theIce Storm Prep Checklist morning to inches, even feet of snow! While snowstorms may be the more recognizable type of winter storm, there’s another type that can cause as much, or even more, damage and disruption: ice storms.

Read on to learn what an ice storm is and how to stay safe during one or download our ice storm prep checklist to learn more.

If your home or business has suffered water damage as the result of an ice storm, don’t wait. Call now for 24/7 emergency service.

  • An ice storm is the result of a prolonged freezing rain event. While ice doesn’t literally fall from the sky, an ice storm is characterized by freezing rain that results in an accumulation of at least 0.25 inches of ice. Ice storms usually occur when the air temperature is at or just above freezing (32-38 degrees).

    During an ice storm, rain falls into a layer of subfreezing air near the surface of the earth, cooling the falling water to the point of freezing upon contact with the ground, trees, roofs, cars and other objects. Ice storms may be mild and isolated to a specific area or may blanket an entire region in a sheet of thick, clear ice.

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