When To Use a Roof Rake

Do you know when to use a roof rake? Learn when to shovel your roof to prevent roof collapse and ice dams from the experts at Rainbow International.

One of the most overlooked home maintenance tasks during the winter months is clearing the snow that’s accumulated on your roof. Too much snow on your roof can cause problems that range from ice dams to roof collapse.

Read on to learn about the importance of using a roof rake to remove snow from your roof this season.

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What Is a Roof Rake?

A roof rake is an implement mounted on a long pole that can be used to gently push and pull snow off a roof. When used according to the manufacturer’s instructions, a roof rake is designed to remove snow from a roof without causing damage to shingles, eaves or gutters.

Rooftop Snow Removal Tips: When to Use a Roof Rake

By consistently removing snow from your roof you can avoid the worst, and all-too-common, winter-season roof damage problems altogether.

Follow these tips to make your rooftop snow removal a breeze:

  • Don’t Get on Your Roof or Ladder – Leave It to the Professionals, or Use a Snow Rake

Since it’s extremely dangerous to get up on a slippery, snow-laden roof, reach out to professionals like The Grounds Guys or clear your rooftop the best you can with a snow rake – a long, extending roof-scraping tool that is used from the safety of the ground.

Never climb on top of a snowy or icy roof. Stay safe!

  • Clear Your Roof After Every Six Inches of Snowfall

Don’t let snow build up on your roof. Keep in mind that newer roofs in New York, for example, are required to support up to 30 pounds per square foot of snow. That’s roughly the equivalent of three feet of fresh snow. Or, just one foot of packed snow. Allowing your roof to accumulate more than this puts your property at risk and makes the job of clearing the snow progressively more difficult.

  • Remove Snow with a Snow Rake

Using a telescoping snow rake allows you, from the safety of the ground, to reach near the top of a one-story roof and maybe with its extension and curvature, the overhangs of your second story roof. This takes some upper body strength – it’s a surprisingly good workout – but a roof rake is by far the best way to clear snow from your roof. While using your snow rake, remember to stand away from the eave of the house because snow and ice will be falling.

  • Don’t Use Rock Salt

Avoid using salt or ice melt blends on your roof.  Most ice melt blends will contain salt that can discolor your roof and encourage rusting from roofing nails and subsequent stains.

  • Keep an Eye on Your Weather Forecast

You may be able to avoid clearing snow from your roof depending on the weather. If temperatures will be above freezing the next day and your roof is in the sun, you can let the weather do the work for you. Keep an eye on the forecast and be strategic.

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