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How Often Should Air Ducts Be Cleaned?

How often should air ducts be cleaned? Are there any benefits of air duct cleaning? Rainbow Restoration has all you need to know about home duct cleaning.

Even though you occasionally turn your heating and cooling system off, your air ducts are constantly collecting dust, dander, allergens and potentially harboring mold spores that can impact the safety of your home and those living in it.

To keep your home safe from what’s hiding in your ducts, the expert technicians at Rainbow Restoration recommend having your ducts professionally cleaned every 2 to 3 years. Read on to learn more about air duct cleaning frequency and the air duct cleaning process.

Factors that Impact Home Duct Cleaning Frequency

There are a variety of factors that influence how often you should get your air ducts cleaned. If you answer yes to any of the factors below, you should get your ducts cleaned every 2 to 3 years. If you don’t check any off, we still highly recommend having your ducts cleaned every 4 to 5 years to maintain the health and safety of your home.

Do You Live With ”High-Risk Health” Individuals?

If you have individuals in your home who are at a higher risk of getting sick, the allergens and particles being distributed by your furnace air conditioner and ductwork impact them quickly. Individuals that could be impacted most significantly, include:

  • Babies, infants or toddlers
  • Elderly individuals
  • Individuals with asthma or allergies
  • Even not “high-risk” individuals who spend extended periods in the home

Do You Have Multiple Pets?

The more pets you have, the more dander and fur you will have in your home – and your ducts. If you have more than one pet, consider getting your ducts cleaned more often. The pet fur and dander can leave a lasting pet smell in your ducts and impact allergic individuals.

Do You Have Exterior Dust and Debris?

If you live in a high-traffic area or on a dirt road, the dirt, dust, and tailpipe soot could be entering your home and settling in your ducts.

Do You Have High Moisture Content in Your Home?

If your home feels damp or you require a dehumidifier in your home, you could be at risk for mold spores in your ducts. Having mold spread around your home is dangerous. The pros at Rainbow Restoration not only provide extensive duct cleaning services that eliminate mold from ductwork, but they are also able to remediate and remove mold from anywhere in your home to keep your family safe.

Have You Done Recent Home Renovations?

If there were any type of home renovations inside your home where boards were being cut or carpentry or sanding was performed, you should have your ducts cleaned. During the renovation process, your ducts were collecting all of the dust and debris, which can impact the air quality in your home.

The Home Duct Cleaning Process

There are many ways your air ducts can be cleaned and a variety of companies have differing methods. Always expect transparency with our expert technicians at Rainbow Restoration who constantly go above and beyond to help prepare you for your duct cleaning and guide you every step of the way. Here is the home duct cleaning process at Rainbow Restoration:

  • Ducts are inspected to make sure cleaning is necessary, to see what special equipment might be needed to clean, and to check for asbestos and mold inside the ductwork.
  • Protective covers are placed over all household furnishings and carpets.
  • Thorough vacuuming of the ductwork
  • Brushing of the interior duct surfaces to dislodge dust and debris
  • Pest or nest removal, if necessary
  • Removal and replacement of any damp duct insulation to prevent mold growth
  • Sealing and insulating all ductwork, if desired

Trust Rainbow Restoration for Duct Cleaning Services

If you require professional residential duct cleaning for your home or commercial duct cleaning for your business. The expert technicians at your local Rainbow Restoration are ready to improve your indoor air quality. Request an appointment online or call to get started today.

If you require heating and cooling services, trust fellow Neighborly® brand, Aire Serv® for all of your HVAC needs. Learn more about ductwork, what can go wrong, and why it is important to regularly service your heating and cooling system.

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