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Air Duct Cleaning Improves Efficiency

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According to the National Air Duct Cleaners Association (NADCA), a typical six-room home may have up to 40 pounds of dust created annually through everyday living. That’s a lot of dust! To make matters worse, your heating and cooling system takes in this dust through the air ducts and spreads it throughout your home or office. The experts at Rainbow Restoration® say that air duct cleaning offers the following benefits:

  • Less house cleaning, especially dusting. Dust that builds up in a home or office air ducts is blown out into the living spaces and leads to dustier surfaces, thus more cleaning is needed.
  • Better indoor air quality. Dirty air ducts can irritate asthma and allergy symptoms for sufferers of these conditions, which increases the chances of being sick.
  • Energy and money savings. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) states that a buildup of only .042 inches of dust in ductwork can decrease heating and cooling efficiency by more than 20 percent. Clean ducts can save energy and cut your utility bills.

“Periodic air duct cleaning is essential for keeping the quality of air in your home the best it can be,” said Jack White, Vice President of Technical Services at Rainbow Restoration. “If your ducts look like they are dirty, they probably are, and this is when the experts at Rainbow Restoration can help.”

Deciding whether to have the air ducts cleaned is dependent on the property owner, but certain factors increase the need for air duct cleaning, including smoking, pets, water damage, people with asthma or allergies, and reconstruction or remodeling on the property. In addition to these factors, the EPA states that a clean, efficient system lasts longer, has fewer problems, and operates better than a dirty system.

When you hire a technician from Rainbow Restoration to clean your air ducts, you can expect them to do the following:

  • Inspect the system for bacteria, mold spores, fungus, pollen, pet dander, and dust mites.
  • Lay protective covers over household furnishings and carpets during the cleaning process to ensure your home or office is not disturbed.
  • Vacuum out the ductwork and either exhaust the air to the outside or use equipment fitted with a HEPA filter if the vacuum exhausts to the interior.
  • Brush off duct surfaces with a soft-bristled brush to dislodge dust and debris.
  • Remove animal nests and other evidence of pests.
  • Seal and insulate ductwork to prevent air from escaping, which can increase costs and decrease efficiency.

When an HVAC system is clean, it doesn’t have to work as hard to maintain the temperature you desire, and as a result, you use less energy and improve cost-effectiveness. But how can you do this? One way is to keep your air ducts clean! A clean air duct system cleans the air you breathe and saves you money!

Learn more about professional residential air duct cleaning as well as commercial air duct cleaning and how it can help your home or business by requesting an appointment online or by calling Rainbow Restoration.


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