Customer Testimonials

As an insurance agent, I have had the opportunity to recommend Rainbow Restoration to several clients. The level of service and support has been excellent and I will continue to recommend Rainbow. It is refreshing to know that they will get the job done in a correct and timely manner, ensuring the client satisfaction
- Pryor Robertson

Customer service was awesome! Everyone was super nice & made sure we were taken care of. Definitely recommend!
- Heidi Speer

I can’t thank you guys enough for how fast and professional you’ve been. You’ve made this experience so much better than it could have been. Y’all are great and we’re so thankful you’re here for us.
- Caleb Alexander-McKinzie

Very dependable and customer satisfaction oriented company. They did an excellent job on my home and service is unmatched. Highly recommend! Thank you, Rainbow!
- Kyler Simmons

They saved my carpets and my sanity! They were so professional and restored my carpets to look fresh and clean! I would have lost my mind without them!
- Jill Ballard