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Why Would You Dump Ice Water in Your Living Room?

Ice Water.
… To raise money for charity and demonstrate how Rainbow Restoration can restore carpet!Ice Bucket Challenge

Think back to August 2014. Most, if not all of you, can recall the unprecedented response of people of all ages filling up buckets with ice-cold water and dumping it over their heads just after they challenged someone else to do the same. Despite the somewhat chilling experience, the ALS Association’s Ice Bucket Challenge was a huge success, raising $115 million for Lou Gehrig’s disease research.

When faced with the challenge, Joe Lanier, owner of Rainbow Restoration of Statesboro, Georgia, and his team did not shy away. In fact, they joined the likes of Leonardo DiCaprio, actor, writer, and producer, and President George W. Bush and his wife, Laura, and participated in the Ice Bucket Challenge… but they put their own Rainbow Restoration of Statesboro spin on it!

“The Ice Bucket Challenge gave the ALS Foundation enough funding to support it for many years. I gave to this cause, but I also chose to help a local organization, Safe Haven, that does so much for my community,” said Lanier. “I also wanted to use this as a marketing tool to let people know what Rainbow Restoration really does.”

So, Lanier brought the challenge home… literally! He and his head technician, Jeff Weaver, set up the recording of his Ice Bucket Challenge in his own home’s living room. Then, they took the video one step further and used it to show everyone just what Rainbow Restoration does when restoring a property after water damage. In the video, Lanier “floods” his living room with a bucket of ice and water, and then proceeds with the cleanup and restoration process. To watch, click play on this YouTube video.

“Joe and his team came up with this ‘outside the box’ idea that I think was very clever,” said Craig Cox, Franchise Consultant at Rainbow Restoration. “He always puts professionalism first, but still manages to live out our code of values by having fun in the process.”

Water mitigation is the process of reducing or preventing the amount of water damage after a flood or a permeating leak. As you will see, the restorative measures taken by the professionals at Rainbow Restoration, like Lanier, will prevent long-lasting water damage. The water mitigation provided in this video is just a small example of what is needed when property owners experience plumbing failures or storms that cause water to rush into a property. Soaked rugs, damaged walls, warped flooring, and ruined furniture are just the beginning if mitigation is not started quickly.

The professionals at Rainbow Restoration take specific steps to reduce property destruction, prevent further water damage, and reCarpet property to its full value. They are trained in current procedures like Rapid Structural Drying so they can dry the entire structure as quickly as possible using state-of-the-art equipment and technology. Moisture meters are another tool that helps them locate moisture invisible to the eyes that may be lurking behind walls or cabinets.

Lanier opened Rainbow Restoration Of Statesboro, Georgia in 2013. He and his team offer professional cleaning and restoration services to Statesboro and Swainsboro residents.

“Joe has had a very good first year in business and has adhered to the code of values while continuously striving to improve his business,” said Cox. “He recognizes the need for controlled growth and takes incremental steps every day to provide trustworthy, high-quality service.”

While Lanier and his team supported the ALS Association with the Ice Bucket Challenge, they chose to also focus monetary donations on a local level. His wife, Laura Lanier, is actively involved in a local civic organization whose platform is Safe Haven, a local shelter that provides assistance to women and children dealing with domestic abuse situations.

Safe Haven works to provide homes or apartments along with clothing, furniture, and other needs for rebuilding a safe place to live. Joe encouraged viewers to make a donation to the Safe Haven program and still urges people to support the program with a donation. To learn more about Safe Haven, visit them at Cleaning.

Safe Haven does so much for our community,” said Lanier. “We are proud to help their cause.”

To find out more about the ALS Foundation and ways to help further research on Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), commonly known as Lou Gehrig’s disease, visit their website at

If you face the unfortunate event of water damage on your property, give the experts at Rainbow Restoration a call. Restoration experts are on hand to answer all your questions on what to do next.

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