What Type of Flooring Do You Like Under Your Feet?

Flooring Trends

Dirty old floors making you cringe? Shake the shivers in favor of one of these hot, new floor-covering trends.

The latest in floor covering trends may surprise you.

Concrete floors


Warm up to concrete.

Anything but industrial, sleek, durable concrete can be finished in a variety of colors, glosses, and textures for an urban-modern look that’s anything but cold.

vinyl floors



Not your Granny’s sticky tiles.

Impress your friends and fool your neighbors with the latest technology in vinyl flooring. The fastest growing portion of the flooring industry, have your guests zooming in for a closer look with luxurious, moisture-resistant vinyl that sports photography so realistic it can mimic anything from hardwood to marble.

Carpet flooring

The Renaissance of carpet.

Luxury carpet is back, baby, and you won’t believe your feet. So soft sleeping on the floor will no longer be a hardship, today’s carpet is being manufactured with techniques that not only boast unparalleled softness, but more environmentally friendly production thanks to new ways of processing fibers from recycled nylon and polyester. And the frontrunner of this cozy carpeting lineup? Cut-and-loop: Pile that’s partly cut and partly looped to create a sculpted look or pattern that’s multi-tonal in appearance. Whether you’re looking for bold or subtle, cut-and-loop offers a wide variety of designs from clean to intricate for adding personality to your space.

Wood floors


Hardwood with character.

Trending in hardwood: exotic species such as hickory, cherry, and walnut with darker stains such as ebony and espresso, great for offsetting light décor. New wood that looks old, with a rough, hand-scraped, hand-textured features and larger or multi-sized planks that make space appear larger and create a rustic, yet contemporary feel. Looking for a neutral? Harsh in price but mellow in appearance, gray floors are all the rage. Like the renewability of bamboo? It’s also new and improved, resisting shrinkage and offering a wider variety of colors and plank widths.

Tile flooring


Tile: Go big in your home.

Forget 12x12 inch tiles. Titanic tiles – some as large as 36x36 - are taking over, bringing less grout and a more expansive look. Modular sizes – rectangular 12x24 inch formats - are also in, sporting the same digital print technology as vinyl and offering unique tile looks ranging from hardwood and concrete to fabrics.



Is the future of your floors looking bright?

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