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Water Damage Waiting to Happen: The Appliances Most Likely to Cause Water Damage

Certain appliances or systems in your home or business can actually increase your risk of flooding and water damage.

Below are the top five appliances likely to cause of water damage in your home or business:

Hot Water Heater

Among the top five sources leading to water damage is your hot water heater. A small investment in an annual inspection will help prevent leaks and the expensive repairs that come with it. Be attentive to corrosion and other factors as your heater ages and replace it every 10 years.

  • 69 percent of failures are due to a leak or a burst
  • After 12 years, 75 percent of hot water heaters will fail and cost an average of $4,444 in damage
  • Flush your tank every 6 months to remove sediment.

Air Conditioner

Installing a drainpipe will remove the overflowing water and direct it outside or to a household sewer. This is an alternative to using a drain pan, which will only help contain any leaks that may occur for about two minutes

  • Attic air conditioners can cause the most damage because water can leak throughout the entire home.
  • The average cost of flooding damage from an air conditioning leak is $5,000.

Washing Machine

Leaks around or clamps in the water hose are a warning sign of washing machine water damage. Do a monthly personal inspection on your hoses to look out for cracking, dryness or rust, leaving space between the machine and the wall for movement as the wash cycle is running. Replace your hoses every five years despite their outward appearance. Don’t forget to follow your washing machine instructions and turn off water supply when you leave home for vacation!

  • 6 percent of failures occur when a home is unoccupied and end up being two and a half times more severe than a house that is occupied.
  • 78 percent of hose failures occur in an appliance that is less than 11 years old.


The most common cause of a leaky refrigerator is the defrost drain having a freeze or clog. You’ll need to thaw the ice and flush your drain with hot water. Improper sealing can cause excess condensation in attempt to keep cool. Check the rubber seals along the door to assure a tight close. Your icemaker can become the mess maker, check the hose or waterline to assure they are connected properly.


Hoses, valves, switches are the plumbing connections that could be causing the puddle of water on your floor. Let’s not forget that dishwaters are manually run and an overflow of water can come from adding too much detergent to each cycle. If your dishwater is over nine years old it may be time for a replacement.

Professional Water Damage Restoration Services

If you suffer water damage from any of these culprits, don’t hesitate a second… call for help immediately. Water damage is progressive and pervasive if delayed beyond the first 48 hours. The professionals at Rainbow Restoration provide quick, emergency services to ease your mind and save your property in the event of water damage.

If you are experiencing a flooding emergency, call our 24/7 emergency service line at  or schedule an appointment online for water damage restoration at your home or business.

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