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5 Ways Flood Damage Can Affect Your Home or Business

Property damage & loss from seeping water requires fast action. Ensure a fast & speedy resolution by contacting the caring professionals at Rainbow Restoration.

Think your home or business is immune to water damage? Think again. According to the FEMA, water damage from floods is one of the most common and costly hazards in the U.S. How common? Recent statistics by the NFIP (National Flood Insurance Program) cite a 1 in 4 chance of flood in high-risk areas over the course of the average 30-year mortgage. Sadly, for many home and business owners, losses due to water damage from flood are not covered under your typical insurance policy.

Flooding goes beyond weather-related causes…

Thunderstorms, tropical storms, hurricanes, excessive rain and snow; these are all commonly recognized causes of floods. But did you know flooding also occurs due to overburdened or clogged sewage and drainage systems, urbanization (such as paving), and dam failures, too, to name a few? Flooding can occur in a fast or slow fashion, effecting obvious areas as well as those that appear completely harmless in dry weather.

How can floods affect your home or business?

  1. Health and safety risks.
    Water damage from flooding produces a veritable cornucopia of health and safety risks if water is not immediately cleaned up, including:
    • Structural damage
    • Electrical damage and risks
    • Sharp glasses and metals
    • Sanitary hazards and diseases from standing water
    • Contaminated drinking water
    • Defunct drainage and sewage systems
    • Cut off communications
    • Road and bridge destruction
    • Landslides
    • Damaged crops
    • And so much more…
  2. Loss of life.
    The most devastating affect flood damage can have on you or your business is loss of life. Flash floods are the number one weather-related killer in the U.S., claiming the lives of people, pets, livestock, and wild animals alike.
  3. Emotional hardship.
    Flood victims can experience difficulty coping with their situation, experiencing anxiety, depression, fear, anger, frustration, sadness, and grief. These symptoms can interfere with relationships, cause trouble sleeping, depress appetite, and more. That’s why mental health professionals are kept on hand when FEMA and Red Cross respond to flood-related disasters.
  4. Property damage.
    Ninety percent of damage related to all natural disasters is caused by water damage due to flood. Homes, businesses, vehicles, belongings, equipment… Nothing is immune. Just a few inches of water could cause major damage to the contents of your home or business, not to mention buildings and land.
  5. Economic loss.
    Not all insurance companies and policies cover water damage resulting from flooding, which can put a huge strain on flood damage victims financially. The cost of all flooding in the U.S. for 2011 alone was over $8.5 billion. Ensure you have proper flood insurance for your home or business by verifying your current level of coverage today. It can take years for affected communities to be re-built and life to return to normal.

Have you suffered from water damage?

Time is not on your side. Property damage and loss from seeping water requires fast action. Don’t delay water damage cleanup. Unless your items are completely dry, you are only prolonging the inevitable. Ensure a fast and speedy resolution by contacting the caring professionals at Rainbow Restoration® Restoration. Call for 24/7 emergency service or schedule an appointment online to get started.

Learn more about our residential water damage and clean up services as well as our commercial water damage and cleanup services.

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