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Spring Cleaning: Those Hidden Dirty Areas

Air Ducts

Most spring cleaning chores involve deep cleaning rooms you normally clean about once a week anyway. But what about the hidden areas of your home you normally never think twice about? Once a year, pay heed to these out-of-sight locations.

Air Ducts

If you have forced-air heating and cooling, you have ductwork traveling behind the walls and below the floor. When ductwork is first installed, it’s completely pristine. The metal tunnels transport heated and cooled air from the furnace or air conditioner to each room without incident.

As the years go by, a different story develops. Air ducts can become a menace to indoor air quality because of the things that start living and growing inside them:

  • Mold grows anywhere with moisture and organic materials to feed off of. This makes your air filter and damp ductwork prime locations for mold.
  • Dust mites eat dead skin cells, which are found in abundance in your home. These microscopic insects can easily be swept up by a vacuum cleaner and make their way into the air ducts, where they live and die, adding more dust to your home as their bodies disintegrate.
  • Bacteria and viruses travel through the air, threatening to make you and your family sick. They can become trapped in the dirt, dust and other gunk lining the ductwork walls, spreading from room to room every time the furnace or air conditioner runs.
  • Vermin such as birds and mice can sometimes make their way into the ductwork. They build nests, which block airflow, and leave excrement behind, which does no favors for your indoor air quality.

Air duct cleaning is the solution you need to remove dust, debris, microorganisms and pests living in your ductwork. It’s not a task you necessarily need to pursue every year, but if you see signs of mold, vermin or excessive dust in your ductwork, hire a professional to come take a look this spring.

Fans and Exhaust Systems

Home comfort relies on air circulation and ventilation. You probably don’t pay fans and exhaust systems much heed throughout the year, but each spring, remember to do the following:

  • Vacuum the bathroom exhaust fan with the brush attachment of your vacuum cleaner.
  • Remove the filter from your kitchen exhaust fan and soak it in hot water and ammonia for an hour. Wearing rubber gloves and a mask, scrub and rinse the filter. Leave it out to dry completely before installing it back in the vent hood.
  • Hire a professional to blow out your dryer vent. This removes accumulated lint, which could become a fire hazard if neglected.
  • Maintain your attic fan every few years by cleaning the fan shutters and blades and lubricating the motor.
  • Dust off the top of every ceiling fan in your home to prepare them to operate this spring after a whole winter of non-use.

Appliances and Equipment

You use household appliances every day, but how often do you clean them? Give these important machines the attention they deserve this spring:

  • Clean various kitchen appliances. Scour the oven, clean the stovetop, wipe down the blender, run a mixture of water and vinegar through the coffee machine, run an empty dishwasher with 2 cups of vinegar in the bottom of the machine, and wipe down the shelves in your refrigerator.
  • Disinfect the washing machine by running a hot cycle with 3 cups of white vinegar and 1/2 cup baking soda.
  • Call a professional to perform an air conditioner tune-up and prepare this appliance for summer. If you failed to have your furnace maintained last fall, have the technician tune it up as well.

Remembering to take care of these hidden areas can be difficult, but you should give them the attention they need to make your home look and feel cleaner. To schedule professional air duct cleaning services this spring, please contact Rainbow Restoration®. We provide a variety of cleaning and deodorizing services to get your home ready for spring.

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