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How to Recover from Flood Damage

Man standing in front of an open doorway looking into flooded home
Experiencing any type of house flood can be devastating. Not only can flood damage affect your home and property, but it can also be an extremely traumatic event to live through. The good news is that unless your home is completely wiped out (which is rare), your house and most of your belongings can be restored and repaired. There’s no need to panic; flood recovery services are available to help in these kinds of situations.

How Much Damage Do Floods Cause?

The cost of flood damage restoration can range wildly based on factors like the type of flood, severity of the flood, and the time between the flood and when restoration begins in earnest.

From experience, we know that even a single inch of floodwater can result in thousands of dollars worth of damage. Typically, the higher floodwaters rise, the higher the costs of water damage restoration.

Expedite future recovery efforts now by working with your insurance agent to ensure your property and belongings are adequately covered before damage occurs. Further, minimize the extent of the damage by engaging with a professional flood restoration company as soon as the damage occurs.

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What Types of Damage Do Floods Cause?

Floodwater can wreak all kinds of havoc on your home and property. Common types of flood damage include, but are not limited to:

  1. Warped floorboards
  2. Damaged drywall and paneling
  3. Buckled linoleum
  4. Cracked tile
  5. Structural damage
  6. Mold and mildew
  7. Damage to personal property and valuables

But it doesn’t end there. Floods are traumatic events—even minor floods can cause emotional distress. When dealing with flood damage, be kind to yourself. Don’t feel ashamed if you’re emotional about losing some of your personal property.

At the first sign of water damage, contact a restoration professional at your local Rainbow Restoration. Water damage is pervasive and progressive, meaning that the damage will only grow without remediation.

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How to Recover from Flood Damage

If your home has succumbed to flooding, the time to act is now. Begin your recovery by:

  • Make sure you and your family are safe. If you’re unsure if your home is safe to occupy, stay with a neighbor or friend until your home can be thoroughly inspected.
  • Shut off the power (via the electrical breaker) and unplug or remove electrical devices from the area (if the space is safe to enter).
  • Seeking out the source of the flood and contacting a qualified plumber if the leak is a broken pipe or other internal source.
  • Documenting the damage. Take photos and videos of the flood waters and damaged items. These images will be critical when it comes to future insurance claims.
  • Contact your insurance company and Rainbow Restoration.
  • Removing furniture and valuables from affected areas (once it’s safe to do so).

Reliable Flood Recovery Services

A flood can not only damage your home, property, and belongings, but it can also cause emotional stress and displacement. At Rainbow Restoration, we hope you never need us, but when you do, we’re ready to help. We provide water remediation, mold remediation, and full-service reconstruction services that help restore your home as soon as possible. Acting quickly when water damage occurs can reduce the damage to your home and help you recover faster. At the first sign of a flood, give us a call or request an appointment online.

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