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How to Get Rid of The Five Worst Food Odors

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Is that great cheese, or your kid’s smelly socks? Or is it maybe perfectly grilled sockeye salmon, or yesterday’s trash? When it comes to great food – and leftover odors – there is an element of perspective.

Are you a connoisseur of these stinky foods?

  • Fish

In an article on bad office etiquette by the Wall Street Journal, bringing fish to work for lunch was recognized as a prime way to disgust and irritate co-workers, thanks to its highly offensive odor. When was the last time you heard, “Wow, that leftover fish smell is awesome!”? Oh, right. Never.

  • Hard-boiled eggs

Not far from fish on the list of foul-smelling foods, hard-boiled eggs come in a strong second. With an odor somewhere between stagnant water and an outhouse or a geyser at Yellowstone, hard-boiled eggs emanate a rotten egg smell even when freshly cooked. Why so stinky? It’s due to a chemical reaction from sulfur in the eggs reacting to high temperature or pressure. Slow boiling can cut down on the stench, but it is so potent even the one part per billion released by cooking can be offensive to the nose.

  • Cheese

Infamous odorous cheeses, such as Limburger, permeate a potent pong. Most cheeses, particularly sharper, more flavorful cheeses, emanate a similar tang reminiscent of stinky feet or a sweaty gym bag.

  • Broccoli

Resting innocuously on a vegetable tray, broccoli can give off the distinct odor of flatulence. Asparagus and cabbage also give off comparably strong, unpleasant fragrances.

  • Onions

The pungent smell of raw onions can make one’s eyes water. Cooked, they’re not much better, with an acrid aroma that overstays its welcome for hours after its preparation.

Is it possible to love your Limburger and lose the odor?

Yes, with a little forethought and action! When you can’t simply open a window, don’t fear the funk. You have other options…

  • Enlist the help of the vent over your stove.
  • Thoroughly clean up as soon as possible after cooking, de-stink the sink and counters, put away leftovers, clear the garbage disposer, and take out the trash.
  • If things are still stinky:
  • Simmer some pleasant-smelling spices in water on your stove, such as cinnamon sticks, cloves, or citrus peels.
  • A few drops of essential oil in a fragrance burner or on cotton balls placed strategically throughout your house can also do the trick.
  • Leave a dish of vinegar out on the counter overnight.
  • Mix a few tablespoons of baking soda with water in your slow cooker. Place it in your smelliest room and set it on low with the lid off to pull odors from the air.

Overbearing Odors? Rainbow Restoration® can help!

If you just can’t oust odors, you need the help of a professional. No matter the surface or scent, for set-in smells, Rainbow Restoration has the tools, technology, and experience to tackle even the most stubborn stench.

Call Rainbow Restoration or schedule an appointment online for professional odor removal services at your home or business.

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