Blogs in August 2016

Planning ahead and creating a home inventory is the best way to avoid extra stress and financial hassles following a disaster.

As for the best way to complete a home inventory, it depends on your preferences. There are many options on how to...Continue Reading


Kids trudging through your home after school leaving more than books and sporting equipment in their wake? Tracked-in stains can create a carpet cleaning nightmare. More than just unsightly, all...Continue Reading

Some of the lingering scents in your home are pleasant. Chocolate chip cookies, flowers and fresh laundry are the kinds of smells you want to stick around. Unfortunately, it’s usually the not-so-good odors that endure. Use our ultimate odor removal guide for...Continue Reading

To bleach or not to bleach that is the question. Whether or not it is a noble endeavor depending highly upon the surface in question – and your housekeeping goals. Bleach is a malodorous menace in some facets, but a remarkable remedy in others. Where’s the...Continue Reading

Non-toxic and inexpensive, simple white vinegar is a cleaning and deodorizing boon. Indoors and out, from kitchen surfaces and caring for laundry to tackling bugs and weeds, there are many uses for this kid and pet-safe, environmentally-friendly household staple...Continue Reading