A Moving Checklist That Is Stress-Free

Stress-free Moving Checklist

Every move represents the closing of one chapter and the beginning of another.  Sparky Anderson once said, “Good seasons start with good beginnings.”  Now we’re pretty sure Sparky was talking about baseball here, but you can absolutely apply this quote to day-to-day life too.

Car with boxes taped to hood

Without a doubt, you want to start this new chapter in your life with a good beginning – and that means a stress-free move.  We at Rainbow Restoration want you to feel at home again as soon as possible.  So, here is a moving checklist to help you have a stress-free move and get your new beginning started off right.

Toss It

Go through and get rid of, sell or donate anything you haven’t used in the past year.  Don’t waste your time packing it if you haven’t used it.  And if there’s time, have a pre-moving sale.  You’ll get a little extra pocket change to help with moving expenses.

Take Pictures

Before you box up your electronics, take a quick picture of how everything is hooked up and connected.  This will save you a major headache as you try to reconnect in your new home.

Color Code

Use colored duct tape to label each box.  Designate a color for each room in your new home.  As you pack, put a piece of tape on the side of the box for easy recognition.  All boxes with yellow tape will go to the kitchen; blue tape will go to the master bath…

Gather Essentials

Moving takes a lot out of you, and there’s a good possibility you may be too tired to get everything unpacked in one day.  So, pack an overnight bag with your essentials.  Make sure to include a change of clothing, medications and the basic toiletries you’ll need.

Make it Clear

Pack anything you will need right away in a clear plastic tub.  This includes paper/plastic eating utensils, phone chargers, power strips, box cutters, paper towels, trash bags…  You get the idea.  The clear tub will easily stand out from the mountains upon mountains of cardboard boxes. Hopefully these tips will help you recover from the move a little easier.  Happy moving!