Residential Upholstery and Carpet Cleaning Services

Upholstered furniture and carpets can play host to germs and grime. It's important to have your carpets, couches, armchairs, curtains, and other upholstery professionally cleaned to extend the life of your home’s soft surfaces.

At-home vacuuming and DIY steam cleaners can't compare to the deep clean provided by Rainbow Restoration's residential upholstery and carpet cleaning services. Our IICRC-certified cleaning experts deliver exceptional results that can't be achieved by rented carpet cleaning machines or upholstery steam cleaners.

If your home has suffered a flood or fire, or has experienced the heavy wear and tear common in busy households, we can help. To tackle these tougher jobs, we offer home carpet restoration as a complement to our residential carpet cleaning services.

Explore our list of professional carpet and upholstery services to learn about each one:

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Residential Carpet Cleaning Process

Our home carpet cleaning services are designed to help keep your carpets clean and odor-free. We use time-tested techniques and state-of-the-art equipment to restore your carpets and keep them clean longer.  

Home carpet cleaning looks different for every household. We customize our services to meet your needs with a six-step cleaning process:

  1. Deep vacuum: Agitation and advanced filters work to remove particulates from rug and carpet fibers.
  2. Use preconditioning solution: Separates any remaining soil from the carpet fibers.
  3. Apply second agitation: Works preconditioning solution into your carpet for maximum penetration.
  4. Hot-water rinse: A high-energy rinse to remove cleaning solution and particulates. At the end, the hot water is extracted to help avoid the “wet carpet” smell.
  5. Groom and untangle: Restores pile and life to your carpet and eliminates matting for a better overall look.
  6. Air-dry: The damp carpet will dry naturally over four to six hours.

Carpet Deodorizing Services

Carpets don't just trap dirt and debris; they hold on to odors, too. Carpets without visible stains can hold a smelly secret, and the longer they sit, the harder it is to remove the odor for good.

Rainbow Restoration offers residential carpet deodorizing services with top-of-the-line equipment. Our experts offer both carpet cleaning and deodorizing services.

Carpet odor removal is designed to remove stubborn odors from carpeting and rugs. Unlike carpet cleaning, our carpet odor removal service is designed to target specific areas of a room and is ideal for getting rid of stainless smells like mildew and pet odors.

Our deodorizing services are designed for homes with:  

  • Pet odors  
  • Mold or mildew smells  
  • Smoke odors  
  • Spills and drips

Carpet deodorizing always begins with a thorough cleaning. During the cleaning process, we'll work to determine the cause of the ongoing odors.

Depending on the cause of the odor, your service technician will recommend an appropriate deodorizer; oftentimes, an enzyme deodorizer will be recommended when it is believed that the odor has been caused by bacteria from pet accidents, spilled foods or bodily fluids.

If the cause of the odor is ongoing (for example, repeated pet accidents), it may be recommended to pull the carpet back so that the carpet pad may be cleaned separately and the subfloor resealed.

Overspray Protection Service

Your carpeting takes a beating, especially in high-traffic areas like hallways and living spaces.

Professionally applied overspray protector can prevent staining, increasing the life expectancy of the carpets and rugs in your home. We offer fast and easy carpet spray protector application and reapplication.

Carpet protector is best applied after a professional cleaning and any necessary spot and stain removal. At Rainbow Restoration, we use a hot water extraction process to clean carpeting.

Our Overspray Protection Process

To apply protector spray, your technician will:

  1. Make sure all non-carpeted surfaces or pieces of furniture are protected from the spray.
  2. Test the spray on a small section of carpeting to ensure the spray does not have an adverse effect on the color of the carpeting.
  3. Spray the protector throughout your home on all designated surfaces.
  4. Allow the carpet to dry for two to six hours.

Benefits of Carpet and Upholstery Overspray Protectant

Protector sprays help repel spills and odors, reduce staining, and prevent dirt and grime from setting into the fibers of your favorite rug or carpet. Most modern carpets and rugs are treated with a protector spray during the manufacturing process.

As the materials are subjected to normal wear and tear, the protector will gradually wear. Professional reapplication will restore the repelling properties to your carpet.

Some benefits of carpet stain protector include:

  1. Reduces staining: Protector sprays are hydrophobic, meaning they repel water. When you first purchased your home’s carpeting, you may have noticed that any liquids spilled beaded up on top of the carpet, preventing staining. Reapplication will restore this protection.
  2. Reduces wear and tear: Heavy foot traffic will slowly break down the fibers of your carpeting or rug. Protective spray reduces friction, maintaining your carpeting.
  3. Keeps carpets cleaner: Protective sprays prevent dirt and grime from penetrating the fibers of your carpets, making dirt and debris easier to blot or vacuum up.
  4. Reduces the frequency of professional cleaning: Many homeowners report needing fewer carpet cleanings because their carpet stays fresher, longer after being treated with aftermarket spray.

Upholstery and Carpet Stain and Spot Removal Services

Furniture and carpet stains aren't just unsightly; left to linger, spills allow microbes to flourish in your home. Deep cleaning and removing stains help keep the soft surfaces in your home safe for you and your loved ones.

Carpet, couch, and curtain stains don't have to signal replacement. High-quality upholstery and carpet stain spot removal services will help you to maintain and extend the life of your home furnishings.

Our IICRC-certified service professionals are trained in the tools and techniques that are tough on spots, but gentle on your home’s soft furnishings.

Commonly serviced furniture types include:

  • Couches and sofas
  • Loveseats
  • Armchairs
  • Dining chairs
  • Ottomans

While dirt, pet dander, odors, spores, and some stains may be removed through our standard, hot water extraction cleaning processes, set-in stains may require additional service.  

The process to remove stubborn stains from the soft materials in your home will vary based on:

  • The type of stain
  • The type of material on which the stain is present

Your knowledgeable Rainbow Restoration service professional will choose the appropriate cleaning solution to apply. Solution types include water-based solvents, reducing agents, and oxidizing agents.

During the removal process, your service professional will blot or use a vacuum to remove the stain and cleaning solution. If a stain proves to be permanent, your technician will speak with you about your options, which may include replacing just a small portion of the affected material.

Residential Upholstery Cleaning Services

Residential upholstery cleaning is designed to freshen up the upholstered surfaces in your home.

At-home upholstery steam cleaners aren't powerful enough for annual cleaning, nor gentle enough for all fabric types. This can leave your fabric furniture to absorb stains and body oils.

At Rainbow Restoration, our IICRC-certified technicians tailor each service to the type of furniture and upholstery — including dry clean only — for optimal results. We also restore upholstery and provide emergency services after a disaster like a flood or fire.

Our services include professional cleaning of:

  • Couches and sofas
  • Ottomans
  • Armchairs
  • Upholstered headboards
  • Dining room chairs
  • Barstools
  • Upholstered chairs
  • Car upholstery
  • Travel trailer/RV upholstery
  • Boat upholstery

Upholstered furniture and coverings are porous: they absorb and hold on to smells and stains. Stains and odors soak into the fabric over time, making them harder to remove the longer they’ve sat there.

Cleaning fabric furniture professionally is the only way to truly remediate the damage, so you'll want to hire professionals as soon as possible.

Beyond routine cleanings, professional in-home cleaning services also help households recover from disasters like a flood or fire. If there’s waterlogged or smoke-damaged upholstery at your home, engage in professional remediation services as soon as possible. Like all remediation services, time is of the essence if you want your belongings to be fully restored.

Find Residential Carpet Cleaning and Upholstery Services in Your Local Area

Rainbow Restoration provides high-quality restoration, remediation, and deep cleaning services to homeowners throughout the United States and Canada.

Professional upholstery and carpet cleaning services are key for busy homeowners. Request an appointment online or call 855-724-6269 today to connect with an expert in your local area.

Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning FAQs

Is professional carpet cleaning worth it?

Yes, professional carpet cleaning can access and remove particles that surface-level vacuuming can’t. It also maintains and extends the life of your flooring and improves its appearance.

How often should carpets be professionally cleaned?

The average home should get carpets professionally cleaned about once a year. This recommendation may change based on the makeup of your household. For example, if you have multiple pets or if someone in your home suffers bad allergies or asthma, you may need more frequent cleaning.

Why does my carpet smell like mildew after it was cleaned?

Carpet cleaners have an extraction mode that pulls moisture from the carpeting after it has been cleaned. Home carpet cleaners are not strong enough to pull the water from the carpet and carpet pad, leaving excess moisture in the carpet.

Without appropriate equipment, stagnant water will allow for mold and mildew growth, giving your carpet that “wet carpet smell.” Always engage a trusted professional to clean and deodorize your carpeting. Our carpet deodorizing service can remove musty, wet carpet odors from your home.

Will carpet deodorizing remove pet odor from carpets?

Yes, and the benefit is long lasting! Pets often mark their territory in the same spot repeatedly or attempt to mark over a previous pet’s marking. They locate these spots through smell. A professional deodorizing will reduce the likelihood of future marking.

Should carpets be deodorized after a flood?

Absolutely. Deodorizing carpet after water damage is key to your home’s recovery process. After a flood or water damage event, your home and carpets should be dried to prevent further damage, then cleaned and deodorized thoroughly.

How frequently should carpet stain protector be applied?

For residential homes, we recommend that you have a new layer of overspray protection added once every two years, or every time that you have your carpeting professionally cleaned. Overspray can wear off for a variety of reasons, such as foot traffic or spills and stains.

Is carpet and upholstery overspray safe?

Yes, the products we use are safe for use in your home. However, we do recommend that homeowners keep pets and children away from the protector until it has dried completely (usually in just a couple of hours). While some products may have an odor, this dissipates rather quickly.

What if the stain on my carpet cannot be removed?

Some stains are irreversible. If the stain in your carpeting is permanent, our technicians may be able to replace a small portion of the carpet with a matching piece, eliminating the need for full replacement.

Why choose professional stain removal services?

While DIY solutions can be valuable for surface-level spots, set-in stains should be addressed by a professional. Household cleaners won’t always cut it and repeat scrubbing may cause damage to the fibers of the upholstery fabric or carpeting.