Disaster Preparedness Planning

Preparing Your Business for the Unthinkable



Disasters can happen

anywhere and often with little

or no warning.




What can you do to protect your business, employees and customers?

Where should you begin?






Since the events of “911” and the recent Gulf Coast hurricane disasters, this is a question that business owners should be asking themselves. The International Insurance Institute tells us that 67% of homeowners have a disaster preparedness plan. Does your place of business deserve any less? Disasters happen! When they happen, your business needs a disaster recovery plan. Let the professionals with Rainbow International and their CAT Team (Catastrophe Action Team) help you prepare.


Our service professionals are ready to help you design a plan suited to the needs of your company that gives you the peace of mind that comes with knowing that no matter what happens, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, you are prepared. We use the Xactimate® cost estimating program that the majority of insurance companies recognize and accept. With a pre-authorization form on file with Rainbow International, you can be on your way to a pre-loss condition within an hour.


Whether the damage is water from a flood, a sprinkler system failure, fire and smoke, vandalism or whatever the cause may be, give yourself some added peace of mind.





Please Answer the Following :

Do you currently have a Business Continuity/Disaster Recovery Plan?

Are you prepared for damage from water,fire,wind or vandalism related events?

Do all company employees know what to do when the fire alarm sounds?

Do they know the exits out of every room?

Can they find their way out of every room in the dark?

Do you back-up your customer and company computer data each day and store information off-site?

Is this information checked regularly?

Do you know your “time to recover” – the time it will take your business to operate at full capacity following a disaster or other emergency?

Do you have a plan on communicating with the public and your customers following an emergency so as not to lose business due to the “rumor mill”?

Do you have the right business interruption insurance?

If “Yes”, when was it last reviewed?

Do all company employees know what to do if someone in the office has a heart attack?

Is your business equipped with emergency preparedness supplies (first aid kit, disaster supplies kit, etc.)?

If you answered “ No ” to any of the above questions, your business is at risk of failing following a disaster or other type of emergency.


Why bother?

Disasters don’t happen here.

Even if you think you are not in a disaster-prone area, something like a chemical tanker truck overturning can prevent you and your employees from getting to your facility.

Even if a flood doesn’t put your business under water, customers and supplies may not be able to get to you. Power outages, brown-outs or surges can affect your daily business operations.

Many disasters, like wind storms, tornadoes and earthquakes, can strike quickly and with little or no warning.


What can you do?

Contact Rainbow International®  about how to prepare yourself and your employees to respond to possible hazards so that your business is up and running as soon as possible. 

The first step is completeing and submitting  our exclusive Advance Emergency Response Agreement . Then we'll help you prepare your own Disaster Preparedness Plan. You'll also be placed on our Preferred Client List. In the event of a natural disaster, such as a tornado, those businesses who have pre-registered through our Preferred Client List will be served first.

There's no time like now to prepare your business by having a plan in place. Why wait? The service, including our 65 page planning guide is free of charge.



Protect your business.

Start building your plan now.  Sign up today!


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