Commercial Tornado Damage Repair

In the aftermath of a destructive tornado, damaged businesses need help to restore their property. Rainbow Restoration provides commercial tornado damage repair service to bring immediate assistance to protect your business and restore it quickly after a devastating storm event.

The high winds from tornados can wreak havoc on more than just a building’s exterior. Roofs may be ripped off, windows may be broken, and water may have entered the building. All of this can cause extensive internal damage to walls, furniture, flooring, and office equipment.

Rainbow Restoration has 40 years of experience helping businesses recover from devastating events. Our experienced team specializes in emergency commercial tornado cleanup and repair, and we’re available 24/7. Our first priority when performing commercial tornado damage restoration is to clean out and secure the property to protect it from further harm. With our rapid response, you can get back to business faster in a clean and safe environment.

Commercial Tornado Damage Repair Services and Process

Rainbow Restoration professionals help you restore your business to its original condition so that you can reopen safely. We follow an effective process:

  1. Assess the damage immediately: Upon arrival, we first assess the damage and any exposed areas that need to be secured.
  2. Secure the work area: We begin by removing broken glass and other debris that must be cleared before repairs can safely begin. We also take action to prevent any further damage to your business by securing the area.
  3. Save your possessions: While many of your items may be damaged or ruined, our goal is to save as much of your business’s property as possible. We will evaluate the damage to your items and give an honest assessment of what can be saved or rebuilt.
  4. Offer personalized recommendations: We next make a specific plan for restoring your business. As commercial tornado cleanup experts, we know how to repair your building’s structural damage.
  5. Fix the property: Our skilled contractors put the agreed-upon plan in motion, and we keep you informed from start to finish.

How Professional Tornado Damage Repair Works

Commercial tornado cleanup often involves fixing leaks in the roof and walls. To put an immediate halt to the damage, we may install a temporary fix such as a tarp over the building’s roof to prevent leaks and further damage from debris and water.

Rainbow Restoration will work with your insurance company to confirm coverage and then go to work to restore the permanent roofing that you had before disaster struck.

Our professionals work in the following ways to rehabilitate your property:

  • Reconstructing the interior structure: A tornado may leave the infrastructure of your building at risk of collapsing. Rainbow Restoration professionals ensure that the foundation and interior walls of your business are solid before any other repair occurs.
  • Reconstructing the exterior structure: Tornados are not shy about ruining the aesthetics of your business. Rainbow Restoration professionals will work with you to rebuild and repair your commercial building so that it looks and feels good as new.
  • Eliminating water damage: Not only can the water from a tornado damage your property, but it can also contaminate your business’s water supply due to the amount of toxic and sometimes deadly debris that a tornado can bring. Rainbow Restoration professionals are prepared to address both visible and invisible water damage, including mold.
  • Repairing windows and doors: Windows and doors are no match for tornado winds that can reach speeds up to 300 mph. Rainbow Restoration professionals make sure that your windows and doors are securely replaced once the structure of your building is sound.
  • Checking the air quality: Sometimes the resulting damage from excess water leakage is mold. Mold can affect your air quality, even after all of the water is dry. The dangerous effects of inhaling untreated mold can include hives, difficulty breathing, dizziness, and in extreme cases, death. Rainbow Restoration professionals investigate the air quality of your business after the removal of water from the premises to ensure that your employees and customers can return to a healthy place of business.
  • Other contractor services: Rainbow Restoration also performs other contractor services that you may need, depending on the type of commercial tornado damage repair you have. There are no lengths that we won’t go to in order to ensure that you are back to conducting business quickly and safely.

Fix Tornado Damage with Help from Rainbow Restoration

No one can truly predict the amount of damage that a tornado will unleash. But when it hits your business and leaves behind a devastating amount of damage and mess, it can be hard to know where to start.

Eliminate the stress of working with more than one company for your building’s restoration. Let Rainbow Restoration handle your commercial tornado cleanup by ensuring a thorough restoration process from start to finish. We work with you to repair every facet of damage that the tornado has caused with just one point of contact: our trusted professional team.

Rainbow Restoration has technicians in your area ready to tackle commercial tornado damage repair. Find a location near you or give us a call at (855) 724-6269.

If you’re in immediate need of commercial tornado damage repair, schedule an appointment.

FAQs About the Tornado Cleanup Process

Can I use Rainbow Restoration’s services along with other services to help with the tornado cleanup process?

Rainbow Restoration is a full-service cleanup and restoration company. We have experts on hand who are specially trained in handling issues with water cleanup, mold, odor, and construction services. While you are at liberty to use other services, you may find communicating with multiple teams about multiple issues to be a hassle. With our professionals, you have one point of contact. Everyone is on the same page about what needs to be done and can work more quickly and efficiently, keeping you informed at every step.

Do you work with commercial insurance companies?

Yes, Rainbow Restoration works with a wide variety of insurance companies. Our local teams are well versed in talking with agents and adjusters to secure your coverage for your business or commercial property.