Benefits of Board-Up Service and Roof Tarping Services for Commercial Properties

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After a storm or fire, professional board ups and roof tarp overs are often the first step in the restoration process. Natural or man-made disasters can strike without warning, giving you no time to take preventive action. If your business experiences this type of emergency, you need professional restoration assistance that is fast, thorough, and reliable.

Board-up services are meant to protect commercial properties by securing any vulnerable entrances. This helps prevent further damage from natural disasters and secures the property from any trespassers.

Roof tarp overs, on the other hand, are used as temporary protection from leaks so your business can avoid further damage until the roof can be repaired.

At Rainbow Restoration, we offer both emergency roof tarping and commercial board-up services to secure your property until the restoration work begins.

Emergency 24/7 Commercial Board-up Services

Boarding up openings is a critical step toward restoration after a damaging event like a fire or storm. Installing new doors and windows takes time. That's why emergency board-up solutions are crucial in saving properties from further harm.

For more than 40 years, our highly-trained technicians have been helping business owners recover after a disaster. We provide services to buildings that have suffered from fire, flood, or storm damage. But we're more than an emergency service — we also offer preventative board-up services to help you prepare for predicted storms like hurricanes.

There are two types of board-up services: emergency and preventative. We do both. Our services are designed to help commercial business owners by:

  • Preventing storm damage: Property owners can prevent damage from hurricanes by implementing board-up services to protect their windows from high winds and debris.
  • Preventing further damage after a disaster: Buildings that have suffered damage from a storm, flood, or fire may have exposed openings that need to be boarded up to prevent further harm.
  • Securing your building: A damaged and unsecured property may become the target of vandalism or theft. Mitigate these risks with professional board-up services.

Our 24/7 emergency services allow commercial property owners to rest easier, knowing that no further harm will be incurred at their property and they can focus on getting their business back serving clients promptly.

Emergency 24/7 Roof Tarping Services

Emergency tarp services can help property owners reduce the spread of damage from a compromised roof. The main purpose of roof tarping is to prevent leaks until professional contractors can come to properly fix it.

No leak stays small. Eventually, the leak will grow and so will the damage to your property. This can result in water damage, higher utility costs, and potential structural risk.

How to Select a Rainbow Restoration Contractor

At Rainbow Restoration, we hope you never need us, but we're standing by in case you do. When the unthinkable happens to your commercial property, trust our industry leading large-loss specialists to help restore your building's safety and security, fast.

Our technicians are reliable and trustworthy, and all our work is backed by the Neighborly Done Right Promise™. Learn more about the benefits of tarp-over and board-up services to see which one is the right fit for you.

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In the moments after a storm or fire, you need a service partner you can trust. For more than 40 years, commercial property owners like you have trusted Rainbow Restoration to help them recover.

From professional board-up services to emergency roof tarp-over help, rely on our technicians in your time of need.

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FAQs about Commercial Board-up and Roof-Tarp Services

What is standard board-up service pricing?

As with all of our services, we provide a custom quote to every customer. This allows our team to more accurately price your board up and affords you greater visibility into the total cost of restoration.

Does commercial property insurance cover board up?

Your business's property insurance policy may cover the costs of preventative or post-event service. Contact your insurance agent to find out what services are covered under your policy.

Who needs emergency board-up services?

Commercial buildings that have experienced the following may need board-up services: 

  • Storm damage: Buildings that have suffered damage from hurricanes, storms, or other natural disasters.
  • Fire: Heat from fires can cause windows to shatter. In other cases, firefighters may need to break windows to get into the structure and put out the fire.
  • Empty building: An empty building is susceptible to vandals. Our board-up services can help protect it from intrusion and damage.
  • Prevention: If you know that a big storm is approaching, you can use board-up services in advance to help stop windows from breaking.

What is emergency tarping?

Emergency tarping is a temporary solution to prevent more damage to your roof until it can be thoroughly inspected and repaired. If your roof is damaged from a recent storm or accident, our team can provide you with emergency roof tarping services.

How do you get a roof tarped?

It's important to follow the steps below to get your roof tarped:

  1. Assess the damage: Start by examining any roof damage before clearing the area of debris.
  2. Measure the space: You want to measure the damaged area to ensure you buy the correct size of tarp. 
  3. Position the tarp: It's vital to position your tarp properly on the roof.
  4. Secure the tarp: Lastly, secure your tarp to prevent flapping, water seepage, and debris from entering the damaged area. Your tarp must be secured and weighed down to prevent it from getting loose in windy or stormy conditions. 

How can a tarp keep a roof from leaking?

A roof tarp can prevent holes or any missing shingles from turning into leaks. It can also help keep existing leaks from getting worse.

How long can a tarp stay on a roof?

When installed properly, a roof tarp can protect your commercial property from bad weather for up to 90 days.