Water Damage Restoration Services in Cincinnati

Rainbow Restoration® of Cincinnati knows that having to deal with water damage is overwhelming, especially if it impacts the structural integrity of your commercial property. 

We can return your building to its original state, regardless if you’re experiencing water damage from natural disasters, defective appliances, plumbing problems, roof leaks, and more.

We offer exceptional water damage restoration services that are designed to alleviate the effects of water damage. Give us a call to get your business back to its rightful state!

Water Damage Restoration Process 

Broken pipes, sewage backups, and floods along the Ohio River are common sources of water damage in Cincinnati, Ohio. If you’re going through the unthinkable, we’re here to take care of your water damage restoration needs.

We pride ourselves on our four-step restoration process.

Step 1: Find Source and Damage Extent

Our technicians will inspect your property to find the source of the damage, examine the extent of it, and create a custom plan to remedy the problem.

Step 2: Water Extraction

We then use industry-approved pumps and vacuums to get rid of water from your building and regulate moisture levels to ensure that all water is gone. 

Note: Items that can’t be restored to their like-new condition will be thrown away to prevent mold growth.

Step 3: Dry Excess Moisture

Keep in mind that conducting water extraction alone will not restore your property to its original state. We also use specialized dryers and dehumidifiers to dry affected items and stop mold from forming.

It’s imperative to have a remediation plan in place since mold develops within 24 to 48 hours of water accumulation, according to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

Step 4: Clean Affected Spaces

To finish, we’ll sanitize and clean all spaces affected by water damage, remove odors, and improve air quality to ensure that mold doesn’t form or spread. We’ll also recover as many of your personal belongings as possible.

FAQs about Water Damage Restoration

What needs to be replaced after water damage?

Porous items (e.g., insulation, fabric, and carpet) must be replaced because water destroys these types of materials.

How long does water take to cause damage?

The time it takes for water to make a noticeable impact is dependent on the types of belongings destroyed, the source of the problem, and any environmental conditions in your commercial property. Addressing the problem sooner than later will result in a better outcome for both your property and belongings.

How long does it take mold to grow after water damage?

Typically, it takes about 24 to 48 hours for mold to form after water damage.

Let the Water Damage Restoration Professionals at Rainbow Help in Cincinnati

Your local Rainbow Restoration® in Cincinnati has a plethora of experience, the right equipment, and customized solutions to return your property to its like-new condition, no matter the extent of the damage. 

Give us a call, or book an appointment online to ensure your building is free of all water damage!