The Fourth Step of Carpet Cleaning

At Rainbow International, we recommend that our customers utilize our Superior, Six Step Carpet Cleaning. I am frequently asked why our Superior Clean includes 6 steps. Why don’t we clean all carpet using two or even one step like our competitors? This is the fourth of six blogs to answer this question.

The fourth step of our Superior clean is brushing the cleaning solution into the carpet. When cleaning a cut pile carpet, we use a nylon brush that looks a little like a giant comb. When cleaning a berber or continuous loop carpet, we use a softer, oriental rug brush.

Brushing the carpet helps the cleaning solution mix with the soil. This assists in moving soil from a solid to a liquid state.

We know from experience that agitation helps in the cleaning process. When we place clothes in the washing machine, the clothes do not sit in stagnant water. Instead, the machine agitates the clothes to help bring soil into a liquid state. Brushing the carpet performs the same function.

When cleaning a cut pile carpet, the brush performs the additional service of separating the carpet fibers. This is beneficial for the long term life of the carpet.

Virtually no carpet cleaning companies in the Charleston area utilize this step. Consequently, many carpets wear out prematurely.

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