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The First Step of Carpet Cleaning

At Rainbow Restoration, we recommend that our customers utilize our 6-step, Superior Clean. People frequently ask me why our Superior Clean includes 6 steps. Why don’t we clean all carpets using two or even one step like our competitors?

To better answer this question, I thought that I would write 6 blogs, each one devoted to addressing the 6 steps of carpet cleaning. This blog is devoted to step 1, grooming the carpet.

The first thing to point out is that we do not groom Berber or continuous loop carpet. Grooming does not address any of the issues associated with these carpets. We only groom cut pile carpet, which may include varieties such as a Saxony or Frieze carpet.

There are several advantages to grooming carpets. First, carpet grooming trains the carpet to return to its original, resting position. When carpets are manufactured, the fibers are resting in an erect position. As we walk on the carpet, the fibers begin to lay down. Grooming the carpet encourages the fibers to return to their original, erect position.

Second, grooming the carpet makes dry vacuuming more efficient. Much of the soil in your carpet is hiding beneath carpet fibers that are lying flat. Grooming opens a space between the fibers that makes it easier to access the soil in the carpet.

Finally, grooming the carpet helps detach any hair from the carpet. The hair can then be more efficiently removed through vacuuming. This is especially important if there is a pet present. However, it also helps with long human hair.

My next blog will address the 2nd step of carpet cleaning, dry vacuuming.

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