Cleaning Unusual Oriental Rugs

Not all oriental rugs come from the Middle East.

Today we delivered a beautiful, handmade rug that we had cleaned that had been woven in the Caucuses. It is fascinating to see how different parts of the world weave rugs using very different styles. They reflect the distinct character of the places where they were created. The design in the rug was highly detailed. However, the colors were muted. Most oriental rugs are characterized by great contrasts in color.

Cleaning the rug presented several challenges. It showed very little chemical resistance. In order to keep the rug from bleeding, we used only the mildest cleaning solutions on the rug.

The rug was contaminated by pet urine. For this reason we applied a urine neutralizer to the rug.

We cleaned the rug using our Persian River System. This system uses flowing, filtered water to carry contaminated soil away from the rug.

Rainbow International will pick up and deliver oriental rugs to be cleaned in the greater Charleston area, including Downtown Charleston, West Ashley, Mt. Pleasant, Sullivan’s Island, the Isle of Palms, Kiawah Island and Seabrook Island.