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Summer is here! You can look forward to good weather, good times … and the occasional unwelcome house guest. That’s right—it’s flea and tick season. Whether you find these pests on yourself after a hike or if Fido brings them into your home, remember, the key is acting quickly. And as always, an...Continue Reading

Purchasing a home is one of the biggest investments we’ll make in our lifetimes. For some of us, that home will be a condominium. One of the perks of owning a condominium is knowing that a portion of the upkeep will be taken care of by the Homeowners Association, or HOA.

As a condo owner...Continue Reading

We’ve all seen the damage that tornados, hurricanes, or a polar vortex can do to a home or business. But extreme weather isn't limited to these types of weather systems. Did you know that lesser-known types of extreme or severe weather can also cause significant damage to the exterior of your...Continue Reading

No homeowner wants to discover a wet basement … again! The dampness, the musty odor, the ruined carpet and flooring. Even worse, after you’ve dealt with the issue, you discover there’s more rain in the forecast.

Before you get stuck in an endless cycle of water damage, consider basement...Continue Reading

When you think of damage from a storm, a tornado may come to mind.

Tornados are well known and discussed in the news frequently – they even star in movies! But did you know that there’s another wind-based storm you should have on your radar?

Read on to learn about straight-line...Continue Reading

After any tenant vacates a building – residential or commercial – it’s important for a property owner or manager to deep clean the unit. At Rainbow Restoration, we understand that perfect tenants are few and far between. Even more scarce? The time to deep clean your units on your own.

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Bad tenants are every landlord and property manager’s nightmare. Property damage, unclean living situations, pet damage, broken appliances – all can cause major issues for a landlord after their tenant has moved out.

Unfortunately, every landlord and property manager will end up dealing...Continue Reading

House fires are a widespread problem in the US and Canada. In 2017, 1.3 million fires were reported in the United States alone, resulting in $23 billion in losses. The good news is that many house fires are preventable....Continue Reading

Purchasing a home with existing fire damage may be risky but may also be a worthy investment. Buying a house renovated after a fire should be handled with care. It’s important to know what to watch for when buying a house with fire damage and not get caught up in the real estate bargain you...Continue Reading

Chances are, when you purchased your home you purchased homeowner’s insurance. While homeowner’s insurance is typically mandated by the lien holder, homeowner’s insurance is more than just another bill to pay – it’s a safety net.

However, many households don’t know exactly what their...Continue Reading