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The holiday season means a few added expenses. From gift-giving to outfit planning, many of us adjust our budgets around the most festive time of the year. And, of course, you can’t forget the holiday decor! 

While adorning our homes with twinkling lights and festive ornaments is a...Continue Reading

Think about the things that are flushed or disposed of via the kitchen sink, dishwasher, or washing machine daily. Now think about a  stagnant pool of these materials swirling in a basement. Not a pretty picture, right? Right. Unfortunately, a flooded basement is an all-too-common occurrence.

A sewage backup in a basement is one of the most panic-inducing situations — and it requires immediate professional help. Read on to learn what to do if a sewage backup happens, what causes sewage backups, and how to prevent them in the future.Continue Reading

As the winter season approaches, there is a demand to start preparing commercial properties for the cold weather. Winter can bring about a multitude of challenges from frozen pipes to snow loads compromising the structural integrity of a building in colder climates. Proper preparation is important to lower the chances of severe winter weather damage to a property. Continue reading this blog to discover key areas to monitor and secure prior to the winter season.Continue Reading

As a nationwide restoration provider, Rainbow Restoration® has helped homeowners and businesses recover from damage events since 1981. Restoration extends beyond repairing structural damage. It's about restoring a sense of security and normalcy to lives and communities. Continue reading this blog to learn more about the complexities of commercial restoration and how selecting an experienced full-service commercial restoration specialist can help expedite recovery.Continue Reading

Natural disasters, such as tornadoes, flash floods, and hurricanes, can leave a massive physical impact in their wake, leaving thousands of Americans to pick up the pieces after the event ends.

Over the years, the cost of damages from these natural disasters can really stack up.

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Do you live in a city where the weather seems to have it out for your property? Of course, some cities are just more prone to property damage than others. Whether you expect it or not, Mother Nature is always ready to rumble somewhere.

Floods, fires, heatwaves, wicked winds: these...Continue Reading

How to Tell if Drywall Is Water Damaged

If your home has water damage, the building material and contents will need to be evaluated by a professional who has experience with water damage. We recommend working with an established restoration company, like...Continue Reading

Mold may grow and spread quickly if growth and water damage aren’t addressed. Learn how to prevent mold from spreading with these tips.Continue Reading

Unfortunately, concrete and cement surfaces are not mold-proof. If conditions are right, mold can grow on this hard, rough surface.

While hard surfaces like concrete seem impermeable, they can be quite porous. Spores can quickly take hold and multiply if conditions are right. Without...Continue Reading

From coastal storm flooding to overflowing lakes and rivers, floods are one of the most significant causes of damage to homes and businesses. Floods can have strong currents that tear up roads and wash away cars. They’re also difficult to forecast.  

Is your business located in a...Continue Reading