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Try These Programs and Apps for Your Home Inventory

Paying for homeowner’s or renter’s insurance? These apps, software and printables can help you quickly organize photos and inventory, establish resale value to ensure you have adequate coverage, and are also a great way to substantiate insurance claims or claim tax losses in the event your belongings are damaged, lost or stolen.

Some of the Best FREE Home Inventory Apps Include:

  • iOS
    • Belongings Home Inventory App with Barcode Scanner
      This app, which also gives insurance rate quotes, scan items quickly, syncing with the Belongings online app for automatic backup. Export data easily via PDF and HTML (viewing/emailing) or CSV (Excel).
    • III Inventory
      Offered by the Insurance Information Institute, III Inventory also goes by the name “Know Your Stuff” in the online app. Store data free on the secure server (password protected), creating a backup and printing reports free via the online app.
  • Android
    • Encircle Home Inventory
      Select a room, taking pictures of common inventory items and syncing with the online app to avoid worrying about offsite backups. Enter model/serial to pull parts and accessory info, recalls, and most importantly, check the value of assets as compared to insurance coverage. (Also available for iOS.)
    • Magic Home Inventory
      Sort your possessions by 15 categories, viewing by sunburst chart or taking advantage of the advanced search feature for inventoried items.

Free Home Inventory Software

Not a fan of mobile apps? This software, compatible with Windows and Mac, offers desktop and laptop-friendly options for use with your home computer.

  • Home Inventory Spreadsheet
    This easy to use spreadsheet organizes possessions by room, with columns like your usual Excel spreadsheet pre-formatted for description, estimated value, serial/model numbers, condition, and more, as well as a field to enter the file name of a photo for each item.
  • Neon Sandbox
    Neon Sandbox tracks the usual item information, grouping them a number of different ways. However it offers the unique capacity to attach unlimited photos and documents (receipts, appraisals) for each item.
  • Know Your Stuff (III Inventory)
    The web-based version of this program, as the app above, is accessible from any computer, and includes free secure cloud storage.

Tech Terrify You? Try these Printable Options

Printable resources for traditionalists include…

  • Florida Department of Financial Services Homeowner’s Insurance Toolkit
    This expansive 32-page toolkit for consumers includes not only a checklist, but essential information to help you navigate coverage parameters and insurance legalese.
  • Allstate’s Take a Home Inventory Printable
    Designed for moving and inventory, this 5-page PDF is like those found on many other major insurer websites.
  • Real Simple’s Home Inventory Worksheet
    As the magazine’s name suggests, this 8-page guide does indeed keep it simple, providing an 8-page fill-in-the-blank chart with common items found in each room of the home.

Cooped up in the house during the cloudy winter weather? Download and try one of these tools the next time you tidy up your home. And if you need help tidying up your home post-disaster, know that you can count on Rainbow Restoration® to help you weather the storm.

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