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The Very Best Way to Clean Floor Grout

Clean Floor Grout
Does your grout remain dirty no matter how much you scrub those tile floors or shower walls? Not all hope is lost. The best way to clean tile grout is the same way the professionals do – with a grout-cleaning machine that uses hot steam. Rainbow Restoration uses state-of-the-art grout-cleaning machines as a part of our hard surface cleaning and sealing services.

Tips for Using a Grout-Cleaning Machine

You can rent a grout-cleaning machine at most big-box hardware stores. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions closely for the best results. Additionally, keep these tips in mind:

  • Add a cup of white vinegar to the water solution for extra cleaning power.
  • If the grout is especially dirty, use a stiff nylon brush to scrub the grout lines after steaming them.
  • To remove deeply embedded stains, use a power drill with a circular nylon brush attachment.
  • As you work, use a dry cloth to wipe up the dirty sludge the machine removes from the grout.

How to Clean Tile Grout without a Machine

How to Clean Floor Grout with Oxygen-Based Bleach

You can clean floor or wall grout at home with materials you probably already have. One very effective method is using oxygen-based bleach. This non-toxic cleaning chemical, which is different from chlorine-based bleach, is very effective at removing stains from just about anything.

Follow the instructions on the bleach bottle to mix up a diluted bleach solution in a bucket with warm water. Pour or sponge the diluted solution onto the grout, and allow the grout to absorb the solution for up to 15 minutes. Afterward, use the solution and a stiff brush to scrub the grout lines.

How to Clean Floor Grout with Baking Soda

You can also use baking soda to clean tile grout. Pour a thin layer of baking soda into the grout lines. Use a spray bottle with water to lightly moisten the baking soda and form a paste. You can also make the paste beforehand and smear it into the grout lines. Allow this paste to sit on the tile grout for thirty minutes. Once the paste has had a chance to soak in, fill a bucket with two cups of vinegar and a half gallon of warm water. Dip a stiff nylon brush into this solution and use it to scrub the grout.

Professional Grout Cleaning

If you don’t have access to a grout-cleaning machine or don’t want to spend an afternoon hunched over your tile floor, Rainbow Restoration can help. Our professional grout-cleaning services can remove all mold and mildew stains on your grout for a fresh, new look, and we can seal them for you for lasting stain resistance. Just call us, or request a job quote online.

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