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The Nitty Gritty on Keeping Grout Clean

Grout Cleaning

Hard-won efforts to keep your tile looking sparkly and fresh falling short? Hate spending your spare time cleaning and deodorizing, thus neglecting those terrible tile duties? Whatever the reason for your porcelain predicament or ceramic situation, if you’re trying to figure out whether you need to scrub it or scrap it, you’ve come to the right place!

  • Hate your tile?
    Tiles that are sporting crazy colors and patterns from yesteryear can send future buyers (and even current friends) running screaming in the opposite direction. If your tiles are offensive to your eyes, sporting buildup and mildew-ridden grout that appears dingy even right after a cleaning, you may want to seize the opportunity for an update. Not ready to tackle that project? Consider professionally cleaning and painting your tiles. Besides covering a multitude of defunct designs, it can also save you time and money. Buyer beware, however. Tile paint is not house paint. Specialty tile paint and primer, in addition to a properly prepped area, are essential to avoid peeling paint!
  • Are tiles and grout damaged?
    You can do all the cleaning and deodorizing you want, but if your tiles are damaged and the holes in your grout are deeper than the Mariana trench, it may be time for a retile. Tile and grout are indicative of a home’s age, and you don’t want yours looking like it's ready for an assisted living facility.
  • Dirt or mildew buildup?
    No matter how much time you spend cleaning and deodorizing, it’s inevitable that your tile and grout will absorb dirt and grime over time. Grout and tile are porous, leaving them susceptible to buildup and staining from daily exposure to dirt, soaps, and minerals in water, as well as mildew growth from humid, poorly ventilated environments. In all but the most extreme cases, however, it’s what’s between the tile that counts. More often than not, tile can be cleaned and old grout renewed with a little elbow grease and the right cleaners.

Think you might need a re-grout or re-tile?

  • If your grout is stained, cracked, crumbling, and falling out - you might need a re-grout.
  • If mildew and mold quickly return, it could be more than surface mold. You might need a re-grout.
  • If you can scratch grout out with your fingernail, you might need a re-grout.
  • If your tiles are falling off, you need a re-grout – and maybe a re-tile!
  • If your tiles are cracked and you have signs of water damage, you probably need a re-tile, re-grout, new backer board, and wallboard too!

Don’t want to devote yourself to the grout de-griming? Have it professionally cleaned:

  • Save that elbow grease for squeakier wheels.
    Chuck the toothbrush and the kneepads and make your life easier by letting the professionals at Rainbow Restoration® handle the cleaning and deodorizing for you.
  • Make your job easier.
    Professional deep cleaning gets your tile and grout cleaner than said toothbrush, removing dirt, stains, spills, mildew, and more.
  • Reduce cleaning frequency.
    Protective sealant added after professional tile and grout cleaning keeps tile and grout sparkly for months post-cleaning - with no extra effort from you!

Tired of battling beaten tile and grout? Cut the crud with the help of Rainbow Restoration. Contact us to schedule a free consultation today.

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