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The 5 Most Likely Places Leaks Come From

Likely Water Leaks
According to the EPA, annual household leaks waste one trillion gallons of water nationwide. That being said, leaks aren’t pesky – they’re powerful. What begins as a small leak has the potential to destroy your home if not adequately addressed.

You know to call Rainbow Restoration for your water damage needs, but better to prevent damage in the first place if at all possible! Refer to this helpful info graphic to catch a leak in your home before disaster strikes.

Hot water heater

  • 69% of all water heater failures caused by a slow leak or sudden burst.
  • Water with high mineral content? Your unit/pipes may be prone to more serious damage. The most costly casualty is typically your kitchen casualty.
  • Move your water heater to the garage to reduce risk of damage.


  • Check the icemaker, the number one culprit for refrigerator leaks!
  • Pinholes in flexible plastic tubing can go unnoticed for years. Try copper tubing instead.


  • Never use regular dish soap! Improper soap can cause leaks.
  • Several problems derive from a dishwasher that’s not level. Check on this before repairing!

Washing machine

  • Second to your shower, your washer uses the most water in your home.
  • Failure of supply hoses account for more than ½ of all washer-related losses. Be sure to check supply hoses regularly!

Air conditioner

  • Notice a small puddle? Don’t fret! If it’s summertime, this is probably OK.
  • Check areas like the drain line, condensate pump and refrigerant.

The moral of the story? Pay attention to puddles! Don’t underestimate the potential of a small leak – call a professional at Rainbow Restorationtoday!

Top 5 Places Leaks Come From Infographic

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