Surefire Stress Relievers for Optimism Month

Woman with head on towel relaxing at spa

Did you know that March is Optimism Month?  If you didn’t, no worries!  Optimism is all about the half-full glass, the silver lining, and the ever-so-delightful lemonade.  Zig Ziglar once said, “Positive thinking will let you do everything better than negative thinking will.”

But in the hustle-and-bustle of every day life, stress has a way of sneaking up just like a child eyeing a fresh batch of cookies.  It’s inevitable.  It’s going to happen.  The key is to be prepared.  These stress reliever tips will help you recover from stress overload.

  • Laugh – It’s been said that adults laugh, on average, 15 times a day, whereas kiddos get in 400 chuckles a day.  There are studies that go into the health benefits of laughing, but all you really need to remember is that laughing simply makes you feel good.
  • Exercise – There’s something to be said about the ‘runner’s high.’ Exercise not only relieves tension it helps tone muscles too.  It doesn’t matter what you do, just get up and move.
  • Music – Music is an awesome distraction.  Quiet, calming music can slow your pulse and heart rate. However, cranking up the tunes and belting out an 80’s hairband hit can also release tension.
  • Organize your life – Often, mental clutter can be an enormous source of stress.  Make time to plan each day.  No sports team ever hit the field without a game plan, and neither should you in this game of life.
  • Note it – Keeping a journal allows you to sort out your feelings and release negative thoughts. Sit down with your phone or a pen and paper and see where it takes you.
  • Aromatherapy – There really is power in the smell.  Lavender, sweet orange, and jasmine are all known to have a calming effect.  Grab a couple candles or scented oils and let your nose get to work.
  • Deep breathing – Taking a few long, deep breaths can reduce tension and help you relax.  The best part is you can do this anywhere.
  • Eat right – Remember, the healthier the food choice, the better you’ll feel.  Instead of reaching for chips or candy, munch on crunchy foods like raw carrots, an apple or almonds. The crunch can also help reduce jaw tension without side effects of a sugar overload.

Restore order back into your schedule with these stress relievers…so you can enjoy the lemonade in life.