Summer Safety Tips for the Outdoors

With summer upon us, spending time in the great outdoors is a given.  Ensure your family is able to enjoy the sunshine without unfortunate consequences with our summer safety tips to help you make the most of the summer season.

Backyard Pests

Mosquitos are abuzz in the summer months and can be a royal pain in the neck. And arms. And legs. One tip to avoid helping mosquitoes multiply is to prevent standing water in your yard. Dog water bowls, old plant pots, even a bird feeder can be a breeding ground for these irritating bugs, so make sure to refill water often or keep containers empty if water is not necessary. For birdbaths and dog dishes – just empty and refill frequently. Invest in a quality screen door as well so your frequent trips inside and out won’t allow the bugs entry to your home. Ants can also be a nuisance in the back yard – keep them away by ensuring bird feeders, pet food, and all picnic items outside are kept well covered. You may want to consider a natural extermination method if they turn in to a bigger problem.

Food Safety

Keeping food safe during picnics and family barbecues is of utmost importance. It only takes a few hours in the sun to turn your potato salad into food poisoning. Leave all food in the fridge until you are ready to eat, and set out coolers for cold items if your kitchen is not easily accessible.  Large bowls of ice under smaller bowls with salads can help keep the temperature under control. Make sure to keep an eye on anything with diary, mayonnaise or meat. If in doubt, throw it out.

Protect Your Pets

Have pets? Make sure if they are kept outside during the day they have access to water and shade. Clean up after your pets frequently, especially if your children play in the same areas. If you have a sandbox cover it when not in use to ensure wild animals (or neighbors cats) are not using it for a litter box.

Stay In The Shade

Sunburn is always a risk – even when the sun is not shining! Make sure everyone has access to a high SPF sunscreen, hats, shade, and plenty of cool drinks. Remember to reapply sunscreen every few hours and more frequently if you are in the swimming pool or lake.

Caution With Chemicals

Make sure all chemicals and fluids you keep in a shed are sealed and out of site for when children are in the backyard. Take precautions when barbecuing especially if you are using propane. And of course, always remember to be careful when using power tools, chainsaws and lawn mowers – one second of losing focus can result in serious injury. If you follow many of these tips to ensure safety in the outdoors for your family and friends, you should be able to enjoy a wonderful, fun-filled summer!