Signs of Hoarding You Shouldn’t Ignore

Hoarding Warning Signs

Packrat or hoarder? Everyone has some clutter in and around the house, but there’s definitely a difference between the two. The divide is between the three to five percent of the American population, who suffer from compulsive hoarding tendencies.

Don’t ignore these dangerous hoarding signs:

Fire safety issues

  • Heating appliances and vents blocked by flammable materials.
  • The hoarding of dangerous or flammable items.
  • Blocked entrances and exits present serious fire safety challenges.

The impairment of basic living activities

  • The obsession with growing possessions throughout the home without any organizational qualities is a strong indicator of a hoarding problem.
  • The basic essentials of life such as cooking, sleeping and cleaning become disrupted and nearly impossible to accomplish.

Health issues

  • Clutter surrounding the hallways and surround floor space of the home is extremely dangerous for many reasons.
  • Garbage, feces and mold buildup around the house can cause cardiac and respiratory issues.
  • If there’s an emergency within the house such as a fire, emergency personal often face obstacles when entering. This prevents them from assisting the main problem immediately.

Building safety

  • When food is left out, the rotting process can severely damage the surface of the house. Mold can cause deterioration of many objects including paper, adhesives, leather, cloth and starches.
  • Moisture, leaks and animal infestation can also result from hoarding addictions.

Risks to children and dependents

  • If a hoarder’s home inhabits children, or elderly dependents, it is almost certain they will be removed from the situation by social workers.
  • Various conditions including a large amount of old dirty dishes, miscellaneous clothes, poorly maintained bathrooms and social isolation are all factors in risking the future of those living within.
  • Any animals living within this environment is detrimental to everyone’s health. This is considered animal abuse and could be documented as either a misdemeanor or a felony-level crime. Other diseases and sicknesses can be caused due to indoor feces and urination.

If you know someone matches any of these conditions above, contact your local Rainbow Restoration  professionals today. Hoarding cleanup and removal services are available at your convenience.