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Should I Install a Home Fire Sprinkler System?

Home fire suppression systems aren’t popular, but they should be! Learn about the pros and cons of a home fire sprinkler system for new and existing homes.

We often see fire suppression systems in commercial buildings, but fires aren’t exclusive to workplaces and stores. Why doesn’t everyone have a residential fire sprinkler system in their home?

Learn more about home fire suppression system regulations, the pros and cons of having a sprinkler system in your home, and why we think every home should be equipped with one.

Do I Need a Home Fire Sprinkler System?

Yes, we believe everyone should have a home fire sprinkler system in their home. Why? The answer is simple: safety. Currently, California, Maryland and Washington, D.C. have all passed laws that require new homes to have a fire sprinkler system built in, and we believe this number will continue to grow.

While the best option for installing a home fire suppression system is during new home construction, it is possible to retrofit the system to your home.

Benefits of a Home Fire Suppression System

Having a fire suppression system in your home is just as important, if not more important, than having a home security system. Ultimately, a home sprinkler system is a safety feature worth investing in.

Below are some benefits you can expect when you add a home fire sprinkler system in your home:

  • Adding a home fire sprinkler system increases the safety of each room.
  • Fire sprinklers can extinguish or contain fires in less than two minutes.
  • Homes with a fire sprinkler system incur nine-times less damage in the event of a fire.
  • Having a sprinkler increases your chances of surviving a fire from around 50 percent to 97 percent.
  • In some cases, it can reduce the cost of homeowner’s insurance by 5 to 15 percent and can add resale value to the home.

Cons of Home Fire Suppression Systems

Overall, there are many more positives than negatives to adding a home fire sprinkler system to your home. But there are also two issues you should be aware of:

  • Adding a home fire suppression system is expensive.
  • These systems require ongoing maintenance, testing and annual inspections to ensure the sprinklers in your home will function properly in the event of a fire.

Why Are Most Homes Today Still Built Without Fire Suppression Systems?

When building a new home there are a few reasons it may not include a fire suppression system. First, new homes with a new home fire suppression system can cost up to $5,000 more than homes without systems. Second, with many states not requiring fire suppression systems, they can often be overlooked.

When you have the choice to choose to install a fire suppression system, we recommend adding one, as it is a lifesaving and long-term investment. Depending on the type of system, they can last up to 25 years without needing to be replaced and add significant value to a home.

How Do You Retrofit a Home Fire Sprinkler System?

All homes can be retrofitted for systems, however some are more difficult than others. Your water supply and age of your home are factors that impact the ease with which you can retrofit a home fire sprinkler system to your residence.

Here are the common steps in the fire suppression system installation:

  1. Select an experienced professional who will work with you through each step.
  2. Design the installation plan based on each unique room.
  3. Run pipes through the walls that will transport the water.
  4. Install the residential sprinklers.
  5. Test to ensure the system is working properly and meets requirements.

This type of installation is not a DIY project, which is why we recommend working with your architect, builder and/or an experienced contractor to properly add a fire suppression system to your home.

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