Restore Your Relationship With Your Pet

Love Your Pet Day

By Drew Mills Today, Feb. 20, is National Love Your Pet Day! So let’s take a few moments to appreciate the quirks and personalities of our little loved ones. We’ve all seen that face our pet gives us after they get in trouble for doing something they know they shouldn’t have.  The innocent face that just begs the question, “What did I do?” Whether they did their business on the carpet or broke that cherished family heirloom, they don’t seem to realize why they’re being punished. It may seem as though a cavernous rift of misunderstanding has formed between you and your furry friend, but we want to help you restore the love in your relationship. Puppy play date!  Have a friend with a similarly-sized dog?  Invite them over to play in your yard. Be careful to ensure safe meetings between your pets to avoid stress or mishaps. Neil Sattin from the Natural Dog Blog has some great tips for making sure the introduction goes smoothly.

  • Buy some tasty treats.  The path to your pet’s heart is similar to a man’s: through their stomach. A little loving to their tummy is a surefire way to rekindle your bond. And a little spoiling never hurt anybody, right?
  • Let them on the bed.  Pets love climbing on furniture, even if you don’t. If you’re a strict owner with lots of rules about bed-lying privileges, this is a great way to show them you still love them.
  • Buy them a new toy.  A new chew toy or catnip filled mouse will instantly lift your pet’s mood.
  • Help them out with that loose hair.  Give your dog or cat a good brushing to lighten the load their fur puts on them.  Spending 15 to 30 minutes ridding excess hair helps maintain their grooming necessities to keep them healthy and happy, and it also keeps them smelling fresh.
  • Communicate with your pet. So often we get frustrated with our pets due to a behavior problem. Maybe your kitty is clawing holes through your new leather couch or Fido leaves smelly presents every time you leave the house – talk to someone who speaks their language. Find a reputable behaviorist or trainer in your area to help bridge the gap; Fido wants to speak your language, but to teach him, you have to understand some of his first.

Spend some time with your furry friend today and restore the pockets of frustration! Happy National Love Your Pet Day!