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Recovering from Water Damage After a Fire

Mold growth on interior walls as a result of water damage
After experiencing a fire in your home or garage, surveying the damage can be overwhelming. Not only does fire damage cause extensive harm, but the methods to put out the flames also wreak havoc. Fire suppression methods like sprinkler systems and fire hoses can put thousands of gallons of water into your home in minutes, with long-lasting consequences.

Water damage after a fire should play an influential role in the recovery and restoration process.

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What Causes Water Damage During a Fire?

There are two primary contributors to water damage during a fire: fire suppression and burst plumbing. Fire suppression is of course critical to protecting your family and preventing further fire damage. Neither of these factors is preventable, but they do add to the workload of the clean-up and restoration process.

Water Damage from the Fire Department

Fire suppression efforts depend on water – and lots of it – to extinguish the flames. Even areas of your home that are unscathed by the flames may be thoroughly soaked by firehose overspray or water from sprinkler systems.

Melting or Burst Plumbing

Burst pipes from your home’s plumbing can also cause extensive water damage. The intense heat of the fire can melt plastic pipes quickly or cause structural weakness in metal pipes that can cause leaks or failures. Firefighting crews often need to turn off your home’s water supply after they’ve tackled the flames.

Burst pipes in any situation can do severe damage to your home.

How to Treat Water Damage After a Fire

In any emergency, make sure you and any occupants are safe from harm. Wait to inspect fire and water damage until emergency officials have cleared the area, and follow instructions about entering the home. If the structure is not sound, you may not be able to inspect the damage yourself. Call your home insurance agency and then call Rainbow Restoration®.

Once on the scene, your restoration specialist will work quickly to inspect existing water damage and take steps to mitigate any further risk posed by nearby pipes or water supplies.

After assessing the scene, Rainbow Restoration will create a plan to clean and restore your home and belongings. This action plan may include:

  • Boarding up broken windows
  • Tarping over gaps in the exterior walls or damaged doors
  • Cutting off the water supply, if still on
  • Removing damaged items

Next, we’ll work with you to establish a recovery plan that includes our fire damage restoration and water damage restoration techniques to get your property back to normal as quickly as possible.

Why Professional Fire and Water Damage Restoration?

While fire damage is immediate, water damage is a gradual problem that can grow more destructive if left unaddressed. Without professional restoration, water can lead to weakened wood structures, mold and mildew, and poor indoor air quality — a precursor to respiratory illness.

Fire And Water Damage Restoration You Can Trust

The aftermath of a fire can leave you stressed and overwhelmed with decisions, rely on proven professionals to help put you, your home, and your family on the path to recovery. Your local specialists at Rainbow Restoration are experts when it comes to water damage restoration. We can help you begin the process of recovery and get your home restored as quickly as possible. To learn more call us or request an appointment online today.

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