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Readying a Home Against Severe Weather

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By Drew Mills Nothing can prevent disaster from happening. Anywhere you go, there are chances of severe weather striking. While it’s not possible to stop catastrophe, preparing yourself is the best way to make recovering easier.


In the case of a tornado, there should be some sort of warning given on TV or radio. To prepare, plan out with your family what you will do when there is a tornado warning. If you have a basement, that is the best place to go. If not, find a room without windows, which can shatter and spray glass. Stay there with a radio, waiting until there is no longer a tornado in the area. Know the difference between a tornado watch and warning. “Watch” means there is a possibility of a tornado while a “warning” means that one has been spotted in the area.


A fire can start in an instant, and if not put out immediately, it can destroy an entire home. To be prepared, make sure that there are multiple ways to get out of each room in your house. Having a ladder that can be swung over a window is necessary for those with multiple stories. Invest in a fire extinguisher for every floor of the house and teach each family member how to use it correctly. Make sure the entire family knows to crawl out of the house to avoid breathing in smoke.


With floods there should be some indication if one is immanent, especially if you live in a floodplain, but this isn’t always the case. Make sure to have copies of important documents that could be ruined, such as birth certificates, social security cards and deeds.


Thunderstorms usually don’t cause much damage outside of being loud. But when they do it can be damaging. Trees can be struck and collide into houses, caving the roofs in. To avoid this, make sure to trim any large limbs near your house. Secure any outdoor objects to keep them from blowing away. Unplug electronic devices before the storm reaches you; this keeps them from being ruined by a surge. However severe weather hits you, rest assured that Rainbow Restoration® is here to help you recover.

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