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Rainbow Restoration's Carpet Stain Removal Guide

Scratchin’ your head over how to remove old stains from carpets? Banish your biggest blemishes in a flash with our handy-dandy stain removal guide!

How Do I Get Spots out of Carpets?

  • Wine
    A bit of detergent, vinegar, and an ammonia or peroxide solution and you'll whine over old wine stains no more.
  • Coffee
    Vinegar and an enzyme detergent will help you put coffee stains to bed.
  • Chocolate
    From out of your mouth, to the floor of your house… Eat up chocolate carpet stains with this sweet cleaning combination.
  • Juice & Jam
    Juice, jams and jellies offer a festive treat for toddlers – but not for your carpet. Get them out fast with these common household items.
  • Soft Drinks
    Don’t let soft drink stains leave you bubbling up in anger. Clear them from carpet fast with these three simple household cleaners.
  • Ketchup/Tomato Sauce
    Tomato stains have you seeing red? Keep things cool while applying these cleaning solutions and you’ll be sure to get the red out.
  • Grease
    Fat, oil and grease – or ‘FOG’ – can be a nightmare to remove from any surface. Learn how paint, oil and grease remover, when properly applied alongside dry cleaning solvent, can help you slide grease messes from your floor.
  • Gum
    Gum in your carpet have you struggling to swallow your temper? Look to your freezer for help un-gumming the works.
  • Grass
    Don’t let grass stains grow on your home’s carpet. Learn the secret ingredient necessary to cut them down to size.
  • Mud
    Could a brush, a little soap, and ammonia be all it takes to manage mud? Learn which mud messes have a DIY remedy.
  • Mildew
    Bleach works for your shower walls… But is there any hope for mildew stains on carpet?
  • Blood
    We’ve got the skills to help you battle even the toughest blood stains. Our 6-step process will see you to victory!
  • Vomit
    Grab a bucket. And gloves. These common cleaning solutions will help you clear the air – and the vomit - from your carpet in no time.
  • Pet Waste
    Who let the dogs out? Not you. Don’t let it wait (like your dog). Find out how to get pet stains out of carpets fast with these common household cleaners.
  • Ink
    Ballpoint pen ink is one for the history books – but it doesn’t have to grace your floors for time immemorial. Learn the chemical combination to write it off.
  • Crayon
    Kids + Crayons = 1 Carpet Crisis. Luckily, we’ve got the solution to help you subtract the stains.
  • Nail Polish
    Can nail polish remover on your carpet be removed the same way as the nail polish on your toes? We’ve got the cleaning clues you need for fabulous results.
  • Paint
    Made to last, paint can be extremely difficult to remove, especially from carpet. Follow these careful steps to thin things out to a prettier picture.
  • Rust
    Rust tarnishing your carpet? Brighten things up with this acid.

Carpet stains making you cry? Don’t fret, Rainbow Restoration has you covered, with professional cleaning services designed to delete every flavor of stain. Return your floors to their former glory. Contact us today.

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