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Protect Against Carpet Stains and Spills

Carpet stains.
If your home has wall-to-wall carpeting, you enjoy added coziness from this type of flooring. However, day-to-day living creates the possibility of carpet stains. Depending on what you, your child, or your pet spills on the carpet, the stain could be relatively easy or very difficult to remove:

  • Common, water-based stains (food, beverages, mud, latex paint) are relatively easy to remove with general spot remover.
  • Organic stains (urine, feces, vomit, blood) can often be lifted from the carpet with pet stain remover, but the smell can sometimes linger.
  • Coffee and tea stains leave brown, tan or yellow discolorations. Special stain remover can often lift these discolorations, but not always.
  • Greasy, oil-based stains (butter, crayon, glue, lotion, lipstick, peanut butter, wax) are some of the most difficult to remove.
  • Dye stains (red wine, juice, food, medications) can permanently dye carpet fibers if you don’t act immediately to remove the stain.

What is Overspray Protection?

Desperately scrubbing stains out of the carpet is no one’s idea of a good time. Overspray protection is a service that extends the life of your carpet and helps prevent stains.

When you initially purchased your carpet, it came with a factory-applied protective overspray. You might have noticed that spills tended to bead up on the surface of the carpet instead of seeping into the fibers. But this protection didn’t last forever. As time went by, spills started to seep into the carpet faster, potentially resulting in permanent stains.

Your carpet is a significant investment that affects the comfort and appearance of your home. That’s why you should preserve your carpet by pursuing overspray protection every year or two.

Benefits of Overspray Protection Services

  • Stain reduction: Wear and tear over the years reduces the ability of protective overspray to prevent stains. A fresh application helps keep your carpet looking like new for as long as possible, even with the occasional spill here and there.
  • Wear and tear reduction: Heavy foot traffic eventually damages carpet fibers, but overspray protection slows this process. This keeps it looking visually appealing for several years longer.
  • Cleaner carpet: Dirt is one of the worst things for carpet. It wedges in between the fibers and cuts them as people walk over the carpet, wearing out the fibers and diminishing the carpet’s appearance. With a protective overspray in place, dirt doesn’t cling to carpet fibers so vacuuming is more effective. This makes it easier to remove deeply embedded dirt for a truly cleaner carpet.
  • Less need for professional stain removal: If you’re worried about the cost of applying overspray protection, consider that it saves you money in the long run – not just by helping your carpet last longer – but also by reducing the need to hire professional stain removers.

With the holidays approaching, you may be anticipating having guests stay over. This means now is the best time to restore the look of your carpet. Contact Rainbow Restoration® to schedule carpet cleaning followed by overspray protection. The combination of these services ensures your carpet will look great at the start of the holidays and make it through unscathed to the new year.

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