Odor Eliminator Sprays: More Harm Than Good

Are air fresheners safe? Odor eliminator sprays may do more harm than good. Laden with chemicals, they often only mask smells. Learn about safe odor removal.

True or false: Odor eliminator sprays eliminate odors. FALSE.

Unfortunately, most odor eliminator sprays do a little more than mask or mingle with existing odors. Worse yet, some make stenches worse and most emit harmful chemicals.

Looking to banish odors for good? Learn what you can do to mitigate odors inside your home or business safely.

Are Air Fresheners Safe?

Grab your go-to air freshener or odor eliminator and look at the ingredients. Chances are, the list will make you do a double-take. In fact, research has indicated that up to one-quarter of the air freshener ingredients are classified as “toxic” or “hazardous.”

These chemicals have been linked to cancer, neurotoxicity and endocrine disruption.

Natural Odor Removal

Odors are inevitable. However, there are effective ways to eliminate odors from your home or business without posing health risks to you and those around you.

Check out our recommendations for clean, safe and natural odor removal …

How to Get Rid of Odors Without Odor Eliminator Sprays

  • Let the Fresh Air Flow

The best way to eliminate bad odors is to let them escape. Open the doors and windows regularly to keep fresh air flowing.

  • Clean Up Messes or Spills Right Away

Cleaning up messes or spills immediately minimizes the risk of bad odors (and of stains embedding into your carpets, curtains or other household materials).

  • Utilize Citrus

If the air in your home is particularly stale or smelly, try cutting a lemon in half and set the cut halves in an inconspicuous place. The citrus from the lemon helps to clear the air of disagreeable odors while giving off a fresh-smelling citrusy aroma.

  • Use Baking Soda

Another tip for removing smells and odors is to sprinkle the affected area liberally with baking soda. 

Leave the baking soda in place for several hours and then vacuum it up. Doing so will remove most odors from a carpet, but for tougher scents such as pet urine or vomit, you may have to repeat this process several times or use an enzyme spray. 

If your carpet still smells after this, then invest in getting it professionally cleaned. This will not only leave it smelling like new, it will enhance the longevity of your carpet!

  • Get Rid of Odors From Your Garbage and Fridge

If any funk is coming from your kitchen garbage can, try sprinkling baking soda into the bottom of the bin, leave it there for a few hours and by evening when the trash is ready to take outside, no odors will be evident.  

You can even clean your fridge with baking soda. To do so, put half a cup in two quarts of water and use a soft cloth or brush to wipe down the inside and outside of your fridge.

Watch Out for Dangerous Smells

Odors also help us to identify dangerous situations in our homes. If you smell gas or sewage, you may have discovered a larger problem, as these can indicate danger, including a burner left on your gas stove. Always contact a professional if you smell anything noxious or toxic like gas, smoke or sewage in your home.

Choose Professional Odor Removal From Rainbow Restoration

We’ve all been there; some odors just won’t quit. For stubborn odors that natural solutions cannot stem, choose Rainbow Restoration for IICRC-certified odor removal services. From pet stains to cooking odors, mold and cigarette smoke, we’re ready to help.

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