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My Roof is Leaking—What Should I Do?

Damaged ceramic roof tiles

Your home is your refuge, and your roof is the seal that keeps you, your loved ones, and belongings safe, warm, and dry. So, when your roof starts leaking, it can be quite overwhelming.

Rest assured that roof leaks are common, and even new roofs can leak. The important thing is to act quickly to prevent further damage to your home and property.

The first step in resolving a roof leak? Determining the cause and location.

Why is My Roof Leaking?

Roofs leak for a variety of reasons. It’s important to understand the cause of your leak so that you may be able to spot leak-causing scenarios and prevent future damage.

Common causes of roof leaks include:

  • Holes In the Roof: Obviously, a hole in your roof will be an entry point for water. Unfortunately, not all holes in your roof will be easy to spot. Holes may be a sign of delayed maintenance, storm damage, or damage from the removal of a piece of hardware (like an antenna).
  • Damaged or Missing Shingles: The shingles on your roof form a protective barrier between the elements and the structure of your home. Missing or damaged shingles leave your roof vulnerable to water damage.
  • Neglected or Broken Gutters: Gutters allow for rain, snow, and debris to slide off your roof. However, if your gutters are full or damaged, moisture will build up on your roof instead—this is especially a problem for property owners in cooler climates, where ice dams are common. A buildup of precipitation of any kind can cause problems for your roof.
  • The Age of the Roof: Most standard shingled roofs are built to last 20 years or more. Old roofs are more susceptible to damage. If your roof exceeds its useful lifespan, it’s time to consider replacement.

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What to Do After Discovering Water Damage from a Leaking Roof

As far as water damage is concerned, a small, benign leak can quickly grow, causing thousands of dollars in damage to your property. Maintaining your roof in a way that is commensurate with your roof type, its age, and recommendations for your region or climate, is key.

But not all roof damage is avoidable. If you’ve discovered water damage in your attic or ceiling, remain calm. Begin the restoration process by:

  • Finding the source of the water damage.
  • Moving possessions away from the leak.
  • Taking photos or videos of the damage.
  • Notifying your insurance company.
  • Contacting a local roofing company.
  • Contacting your local Rainbow Restoration.

Swift remediation is key to preventing further damage and subsequent mold growth.

How Much Will it Cost to Repair Water Damage from a Roof Leak?

The cost to repair water damage can vary dramatically, depending on the severity of the damage. Most homeowners can expect to spend hundreds, if not thousands to remediate the damage from a roof leak.

You can mitigate restoration costs by stopping the source of the leak as soon as possible. While you’re waiting on roofing and restoration technicians, try to contain the water as much as possible. You could do this by using buckets to catch any falling water and removing furniture and valuables near the leak. If the damage has already occurred, there may not be much you can do to lower the cost of repairs. But you still may be able to prevent further damage.

The best way to prevent costly repairs or remediation is to maintain your roof and replace it when appropriate.

Your roof isn’t the only source of potential water damage. Damage to gutters and siding may also leave your home vulnerable. Learn about exterior home services, including siding and gutter repair, from your local Mr. Handyman.

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Does Insurance Cover Water Damage from Leaking Roofs?

A leaking roof is the exact reason you have homeowner’s insurance, right? While most homeowner’s insurance policies do indeed cover water damage from a leaking roof, the leak must be caused by the result of “peril.” In this case, peril refers to storms, faulty installation, or accidental cracking. The damage cannot be the result of neglect or delayed maintenance.

Some policies will cover roof repairs or replacement, while other policies refer to only the contents of the home. Every policy is different. For clarification on your homeowner’s insurance policy coverage, contact your insurance agent.

Trust Rainbow Restoration to Remediate Water Damage at Your Property

Unfortunately, not all water damage can be avoided. The best you can do is to stay up to date on preventive maintenance, select an appropriate insurance policy, and make sure you have a trusted remediation team to rely on when damage does occur.

If you’ve discovered water damage and suspect it’s the result of a leaking roof, don’t wait. Call Rainbow Restoration or request an appointment online. We can assess the damage and help restore your home as soon as possible.

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