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Memorial Day: Remembering Our Heroes

Memorial Day.
Are you a military veteran? Have you had friends or family members serve our country? Memorial Day is all about honoring the brave men and women who have sacrificed their time, energy, and many years of their lives to serve our nation. Many have even made the ultimate sacrifice and given their lives to defend friends and family back home.

At the Dwyer Group®, we recognize the contributions military veterans make to society once they return to civilian life. That’s why we proudly founded The Veterans Transition Franchise Initiative, or VetFran. The goal is to help franchise owners accomplish their business goals through excellent training, strong support, and coaching. Through the VetFran program, veterans seeking to open their own franchises can obtain financial incentives and access to other resources from the Dwyer Group.

About VetFran

The mission of this program is “to provide access and opportunities in franchising to our nation’s veterans and their spouses.” VetFran envisions becoming “the leading source of resources for veterans and veteran spouses entering the franchising industry.”

History of VetFran

The late Don Dwyer, founder of the Dwyer Group, launched VetFran in 1991 as a thank-you to veterans returning from the first Gulf War. Since then, over 650 franchise brands have become members of VetFran, including all 10 of the Dwyer Group’s franchise businesses. Members voluntarily offer financial discounts, mentorships, and training for military veterans aspiring to become franchise business owners.

Since 2011, over 6,500 veterans have accomplished their dream of becoming franchise business owners, many with the help of VetFran. In all, over 238,000 veterans and veteran spouses have found opportunities in the franchise industry as either employees or owners since VetFran launched in 1991.

Seeking a Career as a Franchise Business Owner

Servicemen and women return from overseas deployment and are discharged from the military in large numbers every day. The opportunity to enter the franchise industry is a great way for veterans and their families to transition back into the civilian economy.

Consider that VetTran offers training opportunities, coaching, financial incentives, and other resources to help veterans fulfill their career dreams. As franchise business owners, veterans continue to be productive members of society for years and even decades after hanging up their military uniforms for the last time.

Of course, franchising isn’t for everyone. That’s where the VetFran Toolkit comes in. With this resource, you can:

  • Take a personality assessment to determine your potential for success as a franchisee.
  • Learn the basics of franchising, including the advantages and disadvantages of owning a franchise business, the obligations of a franchise owner, and what questions you should ask before you get started.
  • Enroll in a free “Franchise Basics” course.
  • Gain access to state, local, federal, and public funding sources to give you a boost as you seek to open your own franchise.
  • And much more!

Becoming a VetFran Franchisor Member

If you already own a franchise and want to show your support for military veterans, fill out the application to become a VetFran Franchisor Member. Choose from three different levels of membership, each of which has varying requirements regarding the veteran discounts you offer, the number of years you’ve been in business, and your willingness to participate in one VetFran seminar per year.

The Dwyer Group honors veterans – not just on Memorial Day, but all year round with the VetFran program. To learn more about becoming a franchise owner or VetFran franchisor member, please contact the Dwyer Group today.

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