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How to Repair Water Damaged Stucco

k`Stucco is an attractive, durable building material. It’s available in a variety of finishes and colors and is resistant (though not impervious) to many threats. In fact, a stucco finish can last as long as 100 years! But, like all materials, stucco is susceptible to certain types of damage, which can be exacerbated by exposure to water and mold growth.

Cracks and holes in the stucco exterior can allow moisture to penetrate the material, leaving it at risk for water damage like mold growth and dry rot. Just like interior water damage, exterior water damage should be addressed immediately to prevent long term problems.

Read on to learn how to identify stucco water damage and the basic steps involved in stucco water-damage repair.  

What Leads to Stucco Water Damage?

Identifying and repairing stucco damage right away is the key to avoiding moisture problems.

Here are the repairs you need to make to avoid water damage during the next rainfall, storm, or series of humid days:

  • Cracks

  • Bubbles

  • Holes

  • Gaping caulk

  • Bulging

  • Missing pieces

If you notice any of these issues on your property’s stucco exterior, it’s important to act quickly to repair the damage. Even if there are no telltale signs of exterior stucco damage, it’s still possible to experience water damage due to improper stucco installation, insufficient drainage, or poor sealing.

These types of problems leave the stucco susceptible to water damage when moisture of any kind gets trapped inside the building material. The quicker you can repair the stucco the less chance water damage will take hold.

Signs of Water-Damaged Stucco

Whether you are just now noticing stucco damage or you weren’t able to get it fixed immediately, these are the signs that indicate you may now have stucco water damage on your hands:

  • Water stains on the exterior or interior

  • Tear-like stains where the stucco meets flashing, windows and other joints

  • Cracks, especially around doors, windows and fixtures like exterior lights

  • Increased home humidity

  • Mold growth

  • Dark streaks or discolored patches

  • Bubbles and cracks along the bottom edges of walls

  • Soft spots on the exterior or interior 

Water-damaged stucco can go downhill quickly, so it’s essential to schedule repairs as soon as you notice a moisture problem. Your local Rainbow Restoration can help you to remediate the damage. In some cases, where stucco repairs are extensive, our teams will work alongside a reputable contractor.

How to Repair Water-Damaged Stucco

Wondering what’s involved in the stucco repair process?

Here are the four basic steps for repairing most water-damaged stucco:

  1. If the stucco has suffered extensive water damage and there are mold or structural issues, stop and seek out professional help rather than trying to patch over the damage.

  2. If you believe the stucco requires a minor repair, you can remove the damaged section of stucco, much like you would with damaged drywall or rotted wood.

  3. Patch the area with a stucco mix that matches your current exterior.

  4. Apply three coats of the stucco and allow for drying time between applications. 

Are you concerned that the stucco has been water damaged for an extended period? Before you can repair or replace the stucco, it’s vital that the area is cleaned, dried and remediated. An IICRC-certified water-damage remediation expert can determine the extent of the damage, guide you regarding your best course of action, and perform professional water damage restoration services.

Choose Rainbow Restoration for Experienced Stucco Water-Damage Repair

The truth is, there is no simple, quick fix for water-damaged stucco. Removing, drying and remediating a water-damaged stucco surface takes time and effort to do well. Make sure you get the job done right by turning to your local Rainbow Restoration. Our trusted IICRC-certified service professionals will determine the severity of the water damage and provide the expert solution you need for the repair. Call  today or request an appointment online to get started.

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